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Committed to delivering Innovative and Turnkey solutions

Since 2005, Mvix has been developing a reputation as one of the best digital signage companies. The company has
installed thousands of HD systems for customers around the world and currently maintains a 91% overall satisfaction rating.

Customers appreciate Mvix’s commitment to delivering exceptional value and flexible solutions:

2012 | Mvix is honored on the prestigious INC 5000 List.
2015 | CIO Review ranks Mvix as one of the top media & entertainment tech solution providers.

Digital Signage Solutions

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Applications of Digital Signage across Verticals

Offering affordable and easy-to-use signage systems for all solutions.

From retailers and malls to airports and universities, Mvix digital signage screens play a key role
in helping organizations connect with customers and clients. For any organization struggling to have
more meaningful interactions with their stakeholders, digital display boards make an excellent platform for
everything from building a brand to conveying important and useful information to individuals who can benefit from it.

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Mvix’s digital signage systems are benefiting organizations across multiple industries and sectors.

Solution Architecture

Digital Signage | How it Works


All digital signage content is stored in the cloud. Mvix's systems include unlimited cloud storage and the cloud can be accessed securely from anywhere.


The Content Management Software is web-based. It can be accessed from a standard web-browser to upload/create content and schedule the content for playback.


The digital signage player will download the content and display it on the screens via an HDMI connection. The player checks back with the CMS frequently for any new content or updates.

The turnkey Digital Signage solution involves a digital display screen, a signage player, and a cloud-based Content Management Software. The powerful CMS with dynamic data capabilities offers the convenience of centralized control and remote management.

Content Showcase

Design Studio Portfolio

Professionally-designed digital signage content across markets and solutions.

Why Mvix Digital Signage?

Mvix is a market leader in hi-definition digital signage hardware and software systems, multi-screen video-wall appliances, interactive digital kiosk systems, and content management systems (CMS).

The company has partnered with organizations from all industries to deliver digital signage equipment and other products that inform, educate, entertain and promote.

Some key benefits of choosing an Mvix digital signage solution include:

  • A feature-rich and subscription-free CMS that makes for compelling value. Unlike other digital signage companies, Mvix’s cloud-based systems don’t require users to pay ongoing fees.
  • Enterprise-level and comprehensive support structure. Mvix offers personalized web-based training to quickly get users up to speed on the many benefits of digital signage systems and other products.
  • Dynamic service offerings e.g Managed Services, Custom Design. The company offers free custom widgets designed to enrich the user experience and expand the functionality of digital signage media players.
  • Solutions Consultants who employ a consultative and customized approach. Staff members are available at any time to provide support for customers or discuss ways that a multi-screen digital signage system can be further refined.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee | No Commitments, No Contracts.
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