5 Top Uses of Digital Signage in Healthcare Facilities

John Jantsch once said,

“Customer service is an opportunity to exceed your customer’s expectations.”

Digital signage is an avenue that could be used to achieve that goal in various markets. One such use-case is in healthcare and the countless benefits it brings to the industry.

The effectiveness of digital signage increases in healthcare because the audience spends more time in front of the screen thus the making the message more impactful. Here are five top uses of digital signage in healthcare facilities:

  1. Making wait-time bearable

The second worst part of being sick and needing to go to a Doctor is waiting in the lobby patiently for your turn. Digital signage comes to the rescue, and it’s able to reduce the perceived wait time. The technology is able to communicate wait time, but more importantly engage those waiting with valuable content such as the latest news and offerings of the industry plus daily health tips to improve the wellbeing of the patients.

  1. Recognizing Donors

Donor-recognition signage allows healthcare facilities to transform static entryways into a digital experience that recognizes the benefactors who made the facility possible. Displays can offer optional interactive capability, allowing health care patrons to interact with the application to learn more.

  1. Promoting hospital service

Selling advertising space is a great way to generate extra revenue but promoting hospital services and offerings could end up being just as effective.  This way, not only are the patients aware of the services but digital signage is used to retain the patients for future events. It’s a win-win situation.

  1. Generating revenue with advertising

Using digital signage for advertising not only enhances the overall value of the solution but also acts as an extra channel of revenue for the property. Digital signage allows you to sell ad space, track it on consistent bases and show businesses the value of advertising.

  1. Wayfinding

This might sound simple, but wayfinding is often a use-case that doesn’t get enough attention in healthcare. Simply knowing where to go can save patients and employees at hospitals / clinics a lot of time.

There are various different use-cases for digital signage across the healthcare industry, and numerous ways to take advantage of technology, for employees, patients and other parties within the location. The aforementioned points are a sample of what’s achievable, let your creativity take care of the rest.

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