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We could go on and on about Mvix, but we’re going to let our clients do the talking.

There is immense satisfaction in knowing you’ve excelled at your job and served your clients’ interests. Because of our clients’ trust and confidence, we are expanding our market presence and exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Mvix clients include top brands such as Verizon, NASA and Timberland, small to medium enterprises and government agencies. We’re proud to work with our customers and partners who continue to make our jobs a pleasure all year long. 

Read on to find out why digital signage users are choosing Mvix.

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Corporate Offices


Loyola University
Eastern Michigan University
Eastern Illinois University
Colorado State University
Colgate University
Texas A&M University
University of Wisconsin
University of Utah
University of North Florida
University of North Carolina
Rutgers University

Financial Institutions




Real Estate

Recreation & Fitness

Religious Venues


Retail & Malls

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