What in the World?

Seize the attention of the world with flashy, eye-catching, digital signage displays that an audience won’t soon forget.

Digital signage is an eye-catching, hip, and economically superior way of getting dynamic messages across to an audience — in a medium they’re perpetually immersed in.

With consumers constantly subjected to rapidly evolving digital animation technology, static advertising forms — no matter how large or colorful they are, do nothing to separate one business from the thousands of other businesses that are all competing for consumer attention.

Companies worldwide are realizing that digital signage displays represent an essential component comprising the backbone of any successful marketing campaign. If messages and advertisements aren’t digitally alive, dancing with 3D imagery and glowing with vibrant illumination, audiences will barely glance at it — if they notice it at all.


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Why in the World?


Significant Growth

70% have seen digital displays in public.


Satisfied Users

Over $1M spent on digital signage annually.


Robust Recollection

47% recall seeing ads on digital displays.

Depending on the size of a digital display screen, companies can attract potentially thousands of customers every day who are several blocks away from the business.

Upgrade Appearance
Nothing is more state-of-the-art than digital signage displays that are established both inside and outside of a business.

By expertly blending intriguing content with product messages, business owners can elevate awareness and desirability of their products without “hard selling” the audience.

Communicate using Imagery
Images present a universal communication system that everyone understands and appreciates. Powerful images make people feel emotions that compel them to purchase products or services.

Economically superior to other messaging methods, a digital signage system delivers dynamic messages to customers using vivid colors, attention-grabbing lights and compelling messages that resonate with targeted audiences.

Examples of digital signage solutions include:
Digital menu boards in restaurants, Digital information displays in corporate lobbies, Digital displays at trade shows, Digital advertising boards in malls, Digital wayfinding systems in amusement parks and theaters, and Digital announcement boards on school campuses

Affordable, content-rich and easy to use, digital signage will dynamically deliver messages on a high quality display targeted to a specific audience at a specific time. Digital signage screens possess the powerful, one-to-two-three punch of readable content display, proximity to purchase and instantly modifiable messaging.

How in the World?

Digital Signage | Solution Architecture


All of the digital signage content is stored on the cloud. Mvix's systems include unlimited cloud storage and the cloud can be accessed securely from anywhere.


The Content Management Software is web-based and can accessed from any modern web browser to upload, create, and schedule the content for playback.


Our digital signage players download content locally and display on HD screens up to 4K resolution over an HDMI connection. The player checks back with the CMS regularly for new content or software updates.

The turnkey digital signage solution involves a digital display screen, a signage player, and a cloud-based Content Management Software. The powerful CMS with dynamic data capabilities offers the convenience of centralized control and remote management.


10+ Years

Highly experienced with turnkey solutions

In business since 2005, with offices located in US (Corporate) and India (R&D).

We were included in the prestigious INC5000 list in 2012 and ranked as one of the top media & entertainment tech solution providers of 2015 by CIO Review.

Highly experienced with turnkey solutions

33K+ Installations

And counting

Over 33K networked, HD systems installed across the world.

These include solutions for high-definition digital signage systems, video wall appliances, interactive digital kiosk systems, and cloud-based content management systems.

And counting

Free Software

Cloud-based, Remote Management

We are revolutionizing the digital signage industry by providing contract-free and subscription-free web-based digital signage software.

The cloud software, equipped with dozens of widgets, allows unlimited user and device licenses.

Cloud-based, Remote Management

1-on-1 Training

Web-based, personalized training

We offer a web-based, personalized training in addition to extensive knowledgebase articles to assist our users in understanding and adopting our signage systems.

Our training sessions are tailored to all levels of users and their digital signage goals.

Web-based, personalized training

Signature Care

Limited warranty, Tech Refresh

In addition to a lifetime warranty, all signage systems covered under our Signature Support program are replaced every 3 years.

This “Tech Refresh” is at no extra cost! This guaranteed 36-month free replacement policy ensures the digital signage network is never outdated.

Limited warranty, Tech Refresh

Free Updates

Ensures smooth and reliable operation

Our cloud-based CMS includes free regular updates.

The digital signage players will download the updates automatically. There is no additional effort on the part of the client!

Ensures smooth and reliable operation

White Label

Partners, sell under your umbrella

This optional service, ideal for partners, allows them to brand and market Mvix solutions as their own.

Add value to the solution by adding services such as content creation to the scope of work.

Partners, sell under your umbrella

Managed Services

Network management for fluid operations

We offer comprehensive deployment and ongoing network and playback management services.

A team of qualified service professionals coordinates and manages the signage network operations remotely.

Network management for fluid operations

Multi-user CMS

Multiple users with varying permissions

Our multi-user platform allows multiple users to have access to the same account.

These users can have highly specialized rights and permissions for easy management of the network.

Multiple users with varying permissions

Enterprise Grade

Feature-rich and stable solution

Our powerful CMS offers ready-made widgets such as social media, YouTube, HTML5, Maps, web URL, RSS Feeds, QR Codes, Calendar etc.

Connect with your audience dynamically with actionable content.

Feature-rich and stable solution

100% Guaranteed

Robust system with high ROI

At Mvix, we want you to be fully satisfied with your purchase.

All our products and brands are covered under a standard 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty on parts and labor.

Robust system with high ROI

How Much do they Cost?

The cost of implementing a digital signage solution varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. However, all businesses achieve improved ROI when using digital signage solutions over static (printed) solutions.

In fact, digital displays placed at specific POIs can transform a go-nowhere marketing campaign into a viral cash stream that sends businesses into the coveted stratosphere where money is no longer an object.

Digital signage equipment costs differ significantly according to display types, cabling, content management systems, digital signage controllers, system integration and content creation.

The combined price of these components plays a crucial factor in determining both your budget and consequently, the quality of your signage solution.

It’s important to have the needs of any business accurately assessed to implement the best digital signage solution available. By pinpointing a company’s goals and then applying them to a specific digital display, digital signage professionals at Mvix can help reduce overhead expenditures for all types of businesses.

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