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Digital Signage Managed Service

The ROI of a digital signage network is realized when the following happens:

  • There is a communication strategy that is professionally-crafted
  • Content is relevant and targeted to the right audience
  • Information on the screens is fresh and frequently updated
  • The visuals are attractive with clear calls-to-action

The above tasks are easier said than done. Most businesses will assign these tasks to their marketing or creative team. However, the process becomes onerous as the network grows and the demand for decentralized content across the organization increases.

To address this pain point, our team of certified digital signage specialists, graphic designers, and project managers offer a professional and comprehensive network management program. (Why does your business need professional digital signage management?)

The Digital Signage Managed Service program includes content strategy discussions, content design, and frequent content updates, ensuring the signage screens have fresh, relevant and targeted messaging, and the network is up and running.

To help businesses deploy and run their networks with minimal staff and maximum efficiency, our Managed Service team will be accountable for content services, scheduling, network health monitoring, Signature Care, and custom 3rd party data integration.

How it Works

The Digital Signage Managed Service program plans are:


Ideally suited for smaller networks (less than 5 screens), this program offers content updates on an as-needed basis. Digital signage networks with infrequent content updates will find value in this On-Demand plan.

Billed per update.


Designed for larger digital signage networks with more than 5 screens,  this plan delivers fresh content to a bank of screens in different locations. Actively managed by a project manager, the plan includes up to 2 content updates per month.

Billed per month.

Fully Managed

This ongoing plan involves design studio engagement and updates to custom data integrations for a large digital signage network. It is professionally managed by a dedicated project manager and includes up to 10 updates per month.

Billed per month.

These professionally-managed service plans cover the entire scope of the digital signage network from project planning to creative strategy and ongoing management.

Deliverables of the Managed Service program

Clients of the Managed Service program enjoy frequently-updated screens with fresh content, professional project management, a use-case and ROI analysis and dedicated design studio engagement.

Design Studio Engagement

Our Design Studio is responsible for custom content creation and programming. 

As part of the Managed Service program, design studio engagement includes:

  • Editing and updating campaign playlists and programming with dayparting and scheduling
  • Editing text and images within screen layout templates (includes resizing & cropping)
  • Adding and updating videos (as provided by the client) in campaigns
  • Adding and updating CSV, XML or JSON data feeds (as provided by the client)

Design Concepts and Branding

The Design Studio also will generate design concepts to match the client’s branding guidelines and other organizational communication requirements. The design concept is replicated across screens to build a cohesive display network that promotes the same brand, vision, and message.


Industry Applications

Some of the benefits businesses realize from engaging the Digital Signage Managed service program include:

  • Corporate offices: Mvix’s digital signage solution is replacing static office communication systems in multiple corporate environments. With our managed service program, busy IT staff members don’t have to worry about constantly monitoring the digital signage network and as a result, they are able to focus on more pressing tasks.
  • Airports: Reliability is a critical requirement for live flight information display systems (FIDS). They need to stay on at all times with the most up-to-date information. Our digital signage managed service team will monitor the network to proactively check for any anomalies and fix them before they become customer-affecting.
  • Healthcare facilities: Digital signage screens with information meant to reduce patient anxiety need to be vivid and pop with vibrant and eye-catching graphics. Our managed service team comprises design professionals who will produce and update content, following the guidelines for visually compelling digital signage.
  • Restaurants: In a busy restaurant, time is a luxury. Scheduled system check-ups may be missed and menus can easily go without updating. These unhealthy habits will end up hurting the operation. Mvix’s complete digital signage managed services solution for restaurants eliminates such service requirements while delivering content that engages patrons.

For more information on our Managed Service program or to request a quote, please contact us.

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