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Personalized Training

Web-based, One-on-One Customized Training

Mvix is committed to empowering clients to get the most out of their investments. Unlike many signage systems, Mvix systems can be self-learnt. They are easy to use and simple to setup.

In addition to the knowledgebase (KB) articles, Mvix also offers web-based, personalized (one-on-one) training to assist users in understanding and adopting Mvix signage systems in their network. Qualified trainers teach clients how to get the most out of their system.

  • KB articles and common questions and answers.
  • CMS video tutorials on YouTube.
  • Support ticket system.

Whether the preparing to launch, updating to a new system or software or adding new users, the training classes walk through detailed demonstrations and real time examples of software features with plenty of time for Q&A.

Our Expertise

The training session will consist of in-depth demonstrations of all the features of the digital signage network including:

  • Navigating through the Content Management System.
  • Uploading content and adding it to the signage network.
  • Content scheduling and deploying a sign.
  • Setting up users, adding systems and expanding the network.
  • Interactivity features and functionality, if any.
  • Monitoring and reporting functionality.
  • Data integration features and functionality, if any.


  • Learn how to set up and manage your system.
  • Get tips on how to optimize the system for your business.
  • Get as many members of your team on the training.
  • Training is tailored to the business goals for the system.
  • Get trained and in turn train others on use of the system.
  • Purchase as much additional training as needed.
  • Get any questions answered in the Q&A session.
  • Get in-depth demonstrations of the features of the system.

What to Expect

  • Personalized training sessions are tailored to all levels of users.
  • Trainees should have basic computer knowledge.
  • The trainer will drive through the user-friendly interface.
  • They will also show real-time examples of feature set up and maintenance.
  • Personalized training sessions can be booked in 1-hr time slots.
  • The training session is tailored to the organization’s topics of interest.

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