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Digital Production Floor Signage

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Dump the outdated whiteboard and use digital production displays to display the production metrics your workers need. More and more, businesses today are leveraging the power of big data and sophisticated analytics to drive productivity. Getting this information to the employees it benefits most requires an equally advanced technological platform.

When all of the benefits are considered, Mvix products are an affordable addition to any production facility. Investing in advanced warehouse digital signage has a number of advantages, giving businesses the ability to:

  • Reinforce production or sales goals. When warehouse digital signage is used to track sales, productivity or other metrics, it provides a tangible incentive that can boost productivity.
  • Use graphs and charts for easy visualization and comparison. Infographics and charts are often the easiest and most accessible ways to understand complex statistical changes. Mvix’s digital warehouse signage software can be used to present raw data in a more meaningful form.
  • Simplify information. With Mvix, digital productivity trackers can be customized to reflect and reinforce the objectives of individual business units.
  • Show live production tracking. Live productivity tracking allows managers to make strategic decisions based on actionable intelligence and respond to incidents as they develop in real-time.

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Best Fit Systems

Warehouse digital signage is an important emerging market. There are a number of companies out there competing for business, each of which claims to offer the best value and the most impressive features. As with any purchase, digital display systems should be thoroughly researched before making a decision. Here is what to look for in a digital production display system.

  • Easy to update.
  • Low cost.
  • Scheduling feature.
  • Remote management.
  • Centralized control.
  • Zoned templates to display multiple media on screens.

One advantage of choosing Mvix is that the company’s cloud-based digital production displays don’t have a monthly fee for content management and storage. With Mvix, warehouses get all of the benefits of a cloud-based system — including the ability to edit and update content remotely — without the ongoing expense.

Mvix manufactures a diverse lineup of digital video display systems. For warehouse applications, we recommended the following systems for your digital production display.

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    • Management Software
    • Ongoing | Subscription Fee
    • Emergency Alerts Module
    • Display Resolution
    • Network Connection
    • Screen Layouts | Zones
    • HD Videos, Images, Ticker
    • Traffic, Weather, Calendar
    • PDF, HTML5 and URLs
    • Social Media Widgets
    • Charts, MRSS, Financial
    • Multi-user Management
    • Warranty
    • Xhibit Lite System
    • Web-based CMS
    • NO
    • $ | Contact for Quote
    • Full HD | 1080p
    • Wired | Wireless-N
    • max 4 zones
    • YES
    • YES
    • YES
    • NO
    • NO
    • YES
    • Standard 1 year
    • Xhibit HD System
    • Web-based CMS
    • NO
    • $ | Contact for Quote
    • Full HD | 1080p
    • Wired | Wireless-N
    • upto 20 zones
    • YES
    • YES
    • YES
    • YES
    • YES
    • YES
    • Standard 1 year
Production Displays

A Stellar Workflow

Continual Feed of Critical Information

Improved Efficiency

In a manufacturing plant, employees are key to the achievement of goals. Motivated employees contribute to the bottom line over and over, and they are a joy to lead. There are various ways in which the use of digital signage can contribute to increased morale and greater professional satisfaction among warehouse employees at all levels. Warehouse digital signage can:

  • Display news, sports, and other entertainment during breaks.
  • Publicly recognize great performance on the digital production boards.
  • Display safety videos and training, safety monitoring and safety tracking.
  • Display important company announcements.
  • Display key metrics to align your workforce to meet goals.

For more information about the benefits of digital signage and production schedules in a warehouse or manufacturing environment, contact Mvix today.

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Digital Production Displays | Free Demo

Mvix provides complete turnkey solutions containing everything a warehouse operation needs to get started right away. The company offers one-on-one web based support for training key staff, and all products come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee — effectively a free trial for anyone unsure about the benefits of going digital with their signage.

All products come with a minimum one-year warranty and, for an additional fee, qualify for free lifetime replacement coverage. Customers can also take part in the “Tech Refresh” program, in which selected system components are replaced every three years or whenever new technology becomes available. This ensures all clients are matched with the newest and best production schedule digital display products available. Find out more by contacting Mvix today.

  • Free content widgets e.g Analytics, weather calendar, RSS feeds etc.
  • Analytics widget converts data in a CSV, JSON or XML file to a chart.
  • Scheduling tool to schedule content in advance.
  • This frees up the supervisor’s time to interact with the employees.
  • Web-based portal for easy access and remote management.
  • Centralized control for message consistency.
  • Multi-user platform for multiple users with varying permissions.
  • Full-HD 1080p content playback for maximum impact.
  • Zone-based screen templates to display multiple media content.
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