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Mvix Andros

Networkable Signage player, with hundreds of professionally-designed templates

Andros signage system is a web-enabled player for displaying professionally-designed templates on large display screens. The cloud-based content management platform allows you to manage playback on display screens over the internet via the SignageCreator suite.

Hundreds of professionally-designed templates are available for customization via a drag-n-drop editor. Scheduling can be based on a calendar or by day-parting by the hour for each template and screen. (Browse 1000+ templates)

  • Plug-and-play out-of-the-box.
  • Simple click-edit-save content updates.
  • Remote Management via web-CMS.
  • Upload, select and animate images.
  • Edit content via a standard web-browser.
Andros Signage System | Specs (PDF)
Installation Guide | Connections (PDF)
Turnkey Digital Signage Kits (PDF)

How it works?

  • Connect the Andros system to the display screen and to the internet.
  • Navigate to, select a template and edit.
  • Publish the final template to the player by adding it to the playback schedule.
  • Andros will download and display the template as scheduled.
  • Multiple templates can be scheduled to show day-parted content.

digital-signage-custom-design-services-headerOur custom design gallery highlights templates for education, healthcare, hospitality, foodservice, and more. Design GalleryDesign Gallery

Why Andros systems?

  • Remote management via a Web-browser
  • Scheduling & day-parting
  • Professionally-designed templates
  • Easy-to-use Drag-n-drop interface
  • Simple, Affordable and Flexible

Where is it used?

  • Restaurants, Cafes, & Bars
    Digital menu board systems for quick service restaurants, fast-food and fast-casual locations.
  • K-12 and College Cafeterias
    Digital Menu board systems for K-12 School lunch menu programs.
  • Building Directories
    Easily update-able office and suite listings for office and building directories.

    • Cloud Software (CMS)
    • Professional Template(s)
    • CPU | Processor
    • Memory | Storage
    • Display Resolution
    • Network Connectivity
    • Connect to screen via
    • Screen Orientation
    • Construction
    • Power
    • Dimensions
    • Warranty
    • Price
    • Andros System
    • FREE | Included
    • Standard License
    • Cortex A-7 | Dual Core
    • 1GB | 8GB
    • Full HD | 1080p
    • Wired | Wireless-N
    • HDMI 1.4b
    • Landscape | Portrait
    • Metal | Aluminum
    • 110 / 220V
    • 6.7in x 4.6in x 1in
    • Standard 1 yr
    • $159

SignageCreator | Content Management

SignageCreator is an easy-to-use, web-based design tool to create stunning layouts and templates for digital signage.

A simple 3-step process gets you up and running with professional design for a menu board, lobby directory, or an employee communication board.

Accessible via a standard web-browser, it can be used from anywhere over the internet to update content.

Browse Templates: SignageCreator

Choose a Design

Select from the world’s largest collection of professionally-designed signage templates ranging from menu boards, building directories, employee communication, or educational signage.

The template library can be accessed via a standard web-browser like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

No Software to download or install.

Hover over a template in the library and click the edit icon to get started. Templates are available in both formats:

  • Portrait Orientation
  • Landscape Orientation

Edit and Customize

The web-based, drag-and-drop editor allows you to edit images, pictures, and text on any template.

Templates come with a repository of thousands of stock media/images.

Uploading images or modifying text content, font, size, or orientation is simple – click on the design element (say, a picture of a burger), drag it to a different location, and click save.

Select an Image, select Animation from the editor tool and click Preview.

Custom templates can be created via a blank “canvas” like any other editor. Click My Account and select Create Template.


Lastly, its time to publish to the display screen.

The library of customized / edited templates can be accessed through My Account under Templates.

Templates can be modified at any time. SignageCreator provides publishing options so you can choose what best suits your signage network.

Each Andros signage system is bundled with ONE template license, which can be edited at any time.

The digital signage screen is ready for use!

    • Solution Architecture
    • Template Licenses
    • Ongoing | Subscription Fee
    • Web-based Editor
    • Media library | Stock images
    • Media | Image Animation
    • Add / Upload Images
    • Rich text Editor
    • Font Library
    • Overlap Layers | Mask
    • Crop Images | Opacity
    • Scrolling Text | Marquee
    • Image Playlists
    • Template Slideshows
    • Devices per Account
    • Cloud Storage per Account
    • Technical Support
    • Standard
    • FREE
    • Web-based
    • ONE | Lifetime
    • NO
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • YES
    • Yes
    • YES
    • YES
    • NO
    • NO
    • NO
    • Unlimited
    • Unlimited
    • Phone + Web
    • Unlimited
    • $30*
    • Web-based
    • Unlimited | Annually
    • YES
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • YES
    • Yes
    • YES
    • YES
    • YES
    • YES
    • YES
    • Unlimited
    • Unlimited
    • Phone + Web

* Web CMS software subscription fee is priced at per account, per month, billed annually | Unlimited devices per account.

Software and Templates

Standard License

  • One active license included for FREE with Andros System.
    • Lifetime validity.
  • No ongoing fee, no contracts, no subscriptions.
  • Unlimited editing and customization.
  • Swap old template with a new template.
  • Full use of stock images and media library.
  • Each screen requires one Andros system.
  • Manage remotely via a web-browser.
  • Manage multiple systems from a single account.

Unlimited License

  • Unlimited templates across the entire account.
    • Annual validity.
    • Unlimited devices per account.
  • Subscription Fee | Billed Annually.
  • Unlimited editing and customization.
  • Playlist of Images within a template.
  • Looping Slideshow of templates.
  • Day-parting and Scheduling.
  • Scrolling text marquee.
  • Each screen requires one Andros system.
  • Manage remotely via a web-browser
  • Manage multiple systems from a single account.

What are Turnkey kits?

  • Display Screen | Commercial-grade
  • Mvix Andros signage system
  • Mounting hardware | VESA
  • AV and network cables
  • Premium warranty on display screens

Why Commercial Screens?

  • 3-yr advanced replacement warranty
  • Brighter and Longer lasting
  • Metal chassis
  • Rated for 24hr operation

What else do I need?

  • Financing Services
    Consider lease-to-own financing programs to avoid CAPEX. (Read more)
  • Installation & Setup
    Includes site-survey, screen and device installation, cable connections, template setup.
  • Custom Content Design
    Looking for custom content design services? Contact our design studio. (Read more)
  • Managed Services
    Easily update-able office and suite listings for office and building directories.(Read more)
    • Andros signage system
    • Content management software
    • Standard license
    • Commercial Screen | 32 ~ 80in
    • Mounting Hardware
    • 3 YR display screen warranty
    • Andros signage system
    • Content management software
    • Standard license
    • Enterprise Screen | 42 ~ 55in
    • Mounting Hardware
    • 3 YR display screen warranty

Professional Designs

Choose form hundreds of professionally-designed templates across industries.

Professional Designs

HTML5 based templates for digital menu boards, digital building directories, healthcare and hospitality.

Templates can be edited and updated at any time, from anywhere via a standard web-browser.


Simple, easy-to-use, template editor enables complete customization of logos, images and text.


Drag-n-drop images and text on any template. Edit text and change font, size or opacity from the editing tools.

Edit templates as often or as much as you want and publish via a Web-URL for remote management.

HDMI Output

Andros signage system connects to the display screen via HDMI for Full-HD 1080p resolution.

HDMI Output

Andros connects to the screen via a HDMI cable (included) and to the internet (router or network switch) via the network cable (included).

Each display screen is controlled independently via one signage player.

Remote Management

Display screen content is managed remotely via a standard web-browser over the internet.

Remote Management

Multiple display screens can be managed remotely from a single account via the cloud-based software.

Signage devices can be connected to the internet via a wired or a wireless network.


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