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Real-time Visual Communication

Digital Signage
Solutions by Mvix

Digital Signage is a dynamic and visually-attractive communication solution using large flat-panel display screens, digital LED billboards, or videowalls. It leverages text, images, videos, and a wide range of dynamically updatable content for real-time communication.

It is a visual communication solution that helps inform, entertain, educate, and communicate with customers, students, employees, and guests.

Digital Signage has plenty of benefits and has been shown to increase sales, reduce perceived wait times, modernize their buildings, and reduce costs.

  • Scheduled Playback

    Digital Signage Players

    Choose from Mvix digital signage players (starting at $299 and includes lifetime licenses). Or use BrightSign, LG, Chromebox, or Mini PCs with our simple software licensing.

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    Digital Signage Software

    Our digital signage software is a lifetime license with Mvix players. The versatile CMS enables you to manage 1 or 100s of screens in the same or different locations.

  • Visitor Management

    Dynamic Content

    The Mvix software includes over 150 content apps e.g. news, images, videos, event listings, emergency alerts, KPI dashboards, and more.

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    Professional services from our team provides complete project management for digital signage implementation, managed services, and custom content creation.

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Curious About Digital Signage Pricing?

Understanding the cost of your solution is the first step to improving your communications strategy. Use our digital signage estimator to help you get a better idea of the costs involved.

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Digital Signage Solutions

One of the biggest benefits of adopting digital signage is its utility.

Digital signage can be used in virtually any environment with markets including corporate, education, healthcare, and many more.

With solutions ranging from the classic digital menu board to stunning video walls, we’ll help you find out which solutions best fit your needs.

Benefits of Digital Signage

  • Visuals get 94% more views than text-based information.
  • After three days, people retain 65% of visually presented information.
  • Namely, digital signage has an astounding recall rate of 83%. This figure is almost double the information retention rate for traditional advertising.
  • Digital signage has a 47.7% effectiveness on brand awareness.
  • In fact, presentations that use visual aids are 43% more persuasive than those that don’t.
  • Court Docket Displays

    Enhance your courtroom with Court Docket Displays. Display real time case information including docket numbers, involved litigants, venue, & more.

  • Digital Building Directory

    Utilize a digital building directory can modernize your building and help save your business time & money.

  • Digital Menu Boards

    Digital Menu Boards have been called the future of restaurants. With their sleek designs and ability to be updated remotely, you can help boost sales, modernize your restaurant, and improve the overall customer experience.

  • DOOH Advertising

    Gone are the days of printed ads. With digital signage, you can transform your display into a stunning and easily noticeable screen.

  • Flight Information Displays (FIDS)

    Help inform and educate visitors and passengers with real-time updates to critical flight information on flight information displays.

  • Outdoor Digital Signage

    Capitalize on walking traffic by utilizing outdoor digital signage. These displays are perfect for DOOH or restaurants and are built to handle the elements.

  • Production/Metric Displays

    Enhance and optimize your production facility with digital signage. Our digital displays can help track and visualize important KPIs, metrics, and team-based goals to keep maximize your output.

  • Video Walls

    Impress visitors with an impressive video wall setup. The sky is the limit with designs and Mvix has the capabilities to help you pick either a standard or aesthetic setup.

  • Waiting Room Signs

    Keep your patients engaged and informed with Waiting Room Signs. Add in our queue management app and you can keep your waiting room exciting while reducing perceived wait times.

  • Wayfinding Digital Signage

    Relay accurate wayfinding information to your visitors using static or touchscreens. With remote management and customizable apps, you'll be able to easily update any changes easily.

courtroom digital signage
Digital Building Directory inside Union Station
digital menu board for coffee house
B2C DOOH Advertising
airport gate screens
Outdoor signage that is weatherproofed for rain
warehouse production metric display
waiting room screens
wayfinding at airport

Digital Signage Solutions for Any Industry

Digital Signage Software is your tool to drive engagement, improve your communication channels, and help boost sales. Take control of your displays and approach to your communications strategy.

  • Software
  • Hardware

Our Solution

Affordable Digital Signage Software

Our cloud-based digital signage software is the central platform for creating content, deploying, device/player management and performance management of your digital signs or electronic bulletin boards.

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  • Cloud Software
  • Data Integrations
  • Content Apps
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Versatile Applications Hardware Agnostic
  • Enterprise Icon Enterprise Management
  • CAP Alert Easy To Use
  • Cloud service icon Cloud-based

The Mvix software is both easy-to-use and scalable and can be use on a variety of players such as Mini-PCs, Raspberry Pi’s, and standard Signage Players. With added benefits such as white-labeling and complete remote management, you’ll be able to provide the solution you need when and where you need it.

  • Versatile Applications Enterprise-grade
  • Enterprise Icon Manage Multiple Locations
  • scheduled playback Easily Switch Between Media
  • CAP Alert Review Signage Analytics
  • Versatile Applications Dynamic Visualization
  • health report Dozens of Apps
  • scheduled playback Use Multiple Content Apps Simultaneously
  • Versatile Applications Device Notifications
  • emergency alert Emergency Alerts
  • CAP Alert CAP Alerts
  • health report Health Reports

Our Products

Affordable Digital Signage Hardware

Our players enable managers to easily deploy content to non-touch, touch and video wall screens.

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  • Media Players
  • Meeting Room Signs
  • SOC Signage Screens
  • Interactive Kiosks
Mvix Lite digital signage media player
Mvix lite media player showing HDMI ports
Myvix Lite from the top with HDMI ports
Mvix myko with HDMI ports
mvix media player dimensions 1
mvix media player dimensions 2
Mvix media player with HDMI ports and other connections
  • health report 4K & 1080p Full HD Playback
  • Cloud service icon Wired and Wireless Network
  • multi-zone content Multi-zone Content Playback
  • Versatile Applications Versatile Applications & Flexible Usage

The Mvix players are a robust and reliable way to show content on your screens. With multiple options available depending on the complexity of your solution, you’ll be able to display wayfinding, employee communication, menu boards, and more!

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tab 3 slide 2
mvix tab 3 slide 3
Mvix tab 3 slide 4
meeting room player
Meeting room example
  • Cloud service icon Touch-enabled Display Screens
  • health report Embedded with Signage Software
  • Enterprise Icon All-in-One Design, No External Media Players
  • Versatile Applications Integrated with Calendars and Schedulers
  • Enterprise Icon All-in-One Solution
  • scheduled playback Commercial-grade Solution
  • multi-zone content Embedded Media Player
  • Cloud service icon Energy Efficient
Interactive Kiosk for Ticket Vending
Interactive Kiosk at a Museum
Interactive Digital Signage at a Mall
Interactive Kiosk at a Mall
Ticket Vending Kiosk
Mall Interactive Wayfinding
Interative Kiosk at Airport
  • multi-zone content Large format, touch-enabled Displays
  • health report Embedded Signage Software
  • Versatile Applications Self Service Solutions
  • CAP Alert Versatile Use Cases

Digital Signage Systems FAQs

  • What is Digital Signage?

    Digital signage refers to the use of technologies such as projection, LED, or LCD screens to display content that might include video, streaming media, graphics, and general information (check our in-depth what is digital signage post for more info!).

    What makes it stand out however is the digital signage software that drives the displays.

  • How Does Digital Signage Work?

    The entire ecosystem can be split into the content, software, and hardware segments. First you have the content that will go on the screen. This can be pictures, videos, or a variety of other content applications.

    These files and content apps are handled through the software. The hardware is your digital signage player that will then display the content on your screens.

  • Why Mvix?

    Mvix offers a unique approach to digital signage solutions. As a full-service provider, we offer both software and hardware to fit your communication needs.

    As our hardware also comes with our software bundled for free, that means you don’t need a monthly subscription to keep your content going. Our software also works with a variety of options such 3rd party players, mini-pcs, android, and more!

    Mvix also provides content creation, signature care, installation, and managed services to encompass all your digital signage needs.

  • What content do I need?

    The content you need really depends on the solution you have. For restaurants, a simple image display for the menu with a social media feed is a solid choice. For offices and manufacturing, you might want to focus on current/upcoming company events with data visualization charts.

    Schools however can utilize almost every content app as solutions can be used in the classroom, hallway, lobbies, and cafeterias.

  • What is the purpose of Digital Signage?

    Digital signage is primarily a communication tool. It lets businesses, schools, restaurants, and more convey information in an attractive and easy way.

    What sets digital signage apart from digital displays is the software. This software lets you quickly view, edit, and change your displays remotely so you can manage multiple locations at once.

  • How much does digital signage cost?

    Depending on the solution you choose, you can expect to spend anywhere from a small monthly fee to hundreds of dollars a month. Some providers also offer a hardware/software bundle that can help keep costs down.

    There are also other costs to consider such as content management, the screens you need, and quality support.

  • Can I get a free trial?

    Of course! Mvix offers free software trial accounts to clients curious about the Mvix CMS Software. Contact a solutions consultant today to learn more about our free trial option.

  • What type of screen do I use?

    The two types of screen types you have are LED & LCD and the displays are split between commercial and consumer. While commercial displays usually have a higher upfront cost, the long term benefits outweigh the price. The commercial displays have a higher brightness, portrait/landscape options, longer warranties, and can operate for longer hours.

Our Client’s Successes

Digital Signs trusted by startups and the world’s largest companies

testimonial slider 1

Eastern Kentucky University

“Mvix provided an innovative way to bring solidarity to our college. Adaptable features relaying essential information in a steady stream to our EKU community.”

Jagger Coffey

Technology Resource Manager

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testimonial slider 2

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

“Mvix solutions has become an integral part of our program operations.”

Edward Harmon

Mission Director

Read Case Study
testimonial slider 3

Encompass Health

“The cloud-based data sharing helps keep staff updated on changes to our processes and we can push targeted perfomance improvement projects directly to our employees.”

David Cashwell


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testimonial slider 4

Tamarack Centre

“Mvix is once of the best companies I have dealt with in my 20 years of being on a Shopping Centre Management Team.”

Linda Birch

Manager of Resource Planning and Management

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Data Integrations for Dynamic Content

Seamless integrations with your favorite software

Digital signage software is the central platform for creating, deploying, and
managing signage integrations on your digital signs.

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