Digital Signage Champion: The Secret Recipe for Success

A digital signage network within a single organization can serve many purposes.

For example, a corporate office can have several digital signage screens in the break room for internal communication, a video wall in the lobby to welcome guests and provide directions, and smaller screens in meeting rooms showing schedules.  (more…)

Reflections on Digital Signage Expo (DSE) 2016

Digital Signage Expo 2016 ended almost a week ago but here at the office, we’re still thinking (and talking) about the cool stuff we saw. And we’re also still recovering from the overwhelming sensory assault of walking a show floor covered with a dizzying array of displays. So it’s fitting that we start with what we saw from display manufacturers: (more…)

Digital Signage in K-12 Classrooms | Chapter 2

In chapter one of this three-part series on K-12 digital signage, the student-teacher dynamic — how each relates to today’s technology — was discussed. Chapter two of this series looks at how digital signage in K-12 classrooms is quickly becoming a preferred and sought after tool for educating students.

Can K-12 Digital Signage Teach Digital Natives? | Chapter 1

Digital signage isn’t a new concept for K-12 schools. In lobbies, libraries and cafeterias, K-12 digital signage has been used to great effect to communicate with students and faculty. These digital signs are being widely used for announcements, navigational assistance and to relay critical emergency protocols.