Boosting Small Businesses with Digital Signage and Social Media

A recent survey by GetApp of small to medium-sized business owners revealed that social media has the biggest impact on the digital presence of their businesses. (more…)

7 Examples of Digital Signage for Employee Communication

Today’s workforce has more millennials than any other generation. They excel in tech innovative and collaborative environments where there is transparency and clear communication.

To communicate and connect with this new crop of employees, managers need to get creative and do more than send emails and post notices on bulletin boards. (more…)

Power Up your Workplace with Gamification and Digital Signage | Chapter 3

In chapter 1 and chapter 2, we discussed the state of employee communication today and how digital strategies such as leaderboards are creating unique opportunities for communication. In this chapter, we’ll take a look at another digital strategy that’s gaining popularity in workplaces: gamification. (more…)

8 Examples of Digital Signage for Dental Clinics

Magazines, TV shows and fish tanks have long been used by dentists to entertain and engage their patients as they wait for service. Unfortunately, they’re not doing a very good job. Patients are still dissatisfied. (more…)

Examples of Leaderboards on Digital Signage Displays | Chapter 2

In chapter 1, we discussed the current state of employee communication, the challenges facing both employees and employers and how digital channels are creating unique opportunities for employee communication.

In this chapter, we’ll look at how one of these digital channels, leaderboards on digital signage displays, can enable effective communication and be used to engage employees. (more…)