Better Customer Experience from Smarter Employee Training

The customer experience hinges on the perception of professionalism and expertise, and nothing is more important to customer service satisfaction than properly trained employees, regardless of the industry. It’s common for businesses to cut corners and rush employee training, but insufficient training is a quick road to both employee and customer frustration. (more…)

The Real ROI of a Digital Building Directory

Traditional property management can be costly and wasteful. A popular study estimated the cost of adding a tenant’s name to a traditional directory to be roughly $400.

Such a project would require about 2 technicians and can take up to 3 weeks. What’s worse, the listing does nothing for an elevated visitor and tenant experience. (more…)

Simple Digital Signage Apps & Widgets for Employee Communication

Digital signage today is less about the technology and more about the content that you can display on screens. After all, content is what your viewers will interact with, not the hardware or software. (more…)