Questions IT Directors should ask to vet Digital Signage Providers

In the crowded space of digital signage solutions, picking one is becoming increasingly difficult.

This is further complicated by the multitude of stakeholders with varying requirements – from marketing and communications to operational and most importantly, IT stipulations. (more…)

Digital Signage Apps for K-12 Schools

Digital signage has been used to market and support retail establishments. It has also been used in restaurants and at large events. It’s matured into an engaging vehicle for communication which is the primary use for digital signage within a K-12 educational setting. (more…)

How to Execute Successful Video Wall Projects

The adaptability and engagement capabilities of digital signage make it an essential tool for businesses. Touch screen kiosks, point-of-sale displays, digital signs and 4K displays are all appealing but none offer the impact of a video wall. (more…)