The Negative Impact of Amateur Signage Design on Brands

Digital signage is an excellent way to create interest in your brand. However, an amateurish digital signage design can have the opposite impact – poor content design will turn away business and make customers less likely to return. (more…)

Making Money with Digital Signage when School is Out

Schools are always grappling with budget restraints. There just isn’t enough money to go around so schools have to get creative to make up the gap.

With summer just around the corner and school grounds being empty, now is the time to plan for how to make extra money using existing resources. Schools can use their facilities to generate additional revenue and leverage digital signage to increase their profitability. (more…)

Displaying Product and People Profiles on Digital Signage

Companies have long used signage to highlight their people, promote products and publicize events. Traditionally, these profiles have been printed on paper and hung on a wall or a window display. This method, however, is far from ideal as it provides very limited flexibility in terms of creativity and visual appeal. (more…)

GlobalShop 2017: What we Saw and What we Thought

Once a year Globalshop hosts a conference “for retail design, merchandising, shopper-facing technology & marketing.” It brings together the retail world’s top influencers under one roof with exclusive networking opportunities, insightful education sessions and fresh ideas and innovative solutions to optimize retail environments. (more…)