Survey Results: Retail Marketing Strategies that Get Results

Over the past decade, there has been a measurable shift in consumers making purchases online rather than in brick-and-mortar stores. Instead of burdening themselves with a trip to a store, customers find the comfort and ease of shopping from home to be a much more convenient and efficient experience. (more…)

Diabetes and Digital Signage

I was 22 when I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and since then, I take four shots every day. For the past 10-years or so, I’ve gone for my medical check-up quarterly. I don’t go to a general practitioner, I go to an Endocrinologist, someone who specializes in diabetes, because they know about comprehensive treatments, innovations, they have day in and day out experience dealing with people with similar issues and conditions. Yes, my endocrinologist fees are twice as expensive as our family GPs. (more…)

Moving the Multi-sensory Brand Experience Beyond Retail

Engaging multiple senses has proven to be very profitable for most brands. They get to create an emotional connection with their customers and increase their bottom line. Consider this example: a credit card company reported a 70% increase in new accounts after introducing a credit card for millennials that was designed to inspire an emotional connection. (more…)

Recruiting for Higher Ed with Digital Signage

Although more Americans are getting their high-school diplomas, fewer are enrolling in college. As a result, competition between universities trying to fill their classes has gotten tougher and more expensive. In fact, a 2016 study found that universities now spend on average $2,232 to recruit a single undergraduate student. (more…)

The Value of a Digital Signage App

Content is what a digital signage audience will look at, interact with and respond to. This begs the question, how can businesses effectively and efficiently curate new content in order to provide relevant and timely information?

The answer lies in digital signage apps that streamline the process of creating and displaying content in order to maximize performance. The right digital signage app will allow you to better manage and personalize content in order to capitalize on trends and connect with customers and visitors.

Below is a list of new digital signage apps that we have specially designed to help you make the most of your digital displays:


The Feeds app allows you to display the latest news from a variety of popular news and social media sources. Instead of having to manually update the content,  the Feeds app instantly curates and displays relevant content. This targets your audience and is appropriate for public spaces.

Hospitals, medical offices, and other healthcare providers can apply the Health News feed to share valuable information about health and wellness. All the information can be geotargeted so that local information such as the pollen index and air quality can be displayed at regular intervals. In addition, news stories can be sorted and displayed according to the type of medical office. For instance, a dermatologist can curate their screens to include stories about sunscreen, skin cancer prevention and other relevant news.

Local and national news, sports clips, video news bits, entertainment and top tweets can all be sorted and filtered according to keywords. Filters prevent any inappropriate content from making it onscreen.

With Feeds, your customer can enjoy the best in up-to-date news and information that is relevant to their visit and their lives. It is an excellent way to improve engagement, efficiency and get the most ROI out of your digital signage system.


Music is a universal language, making it one of the ideals way to speak to your audience, especially those in areas with high dwell times. e.g. office lobbies and hospital waiting rooms. While displaying company info and glowing reviews is a good way to promote your business, displaying a music list is less “salesy” and non-promotional, making it a great way to capture attention and engage with your audience.

With the Radio digital signage app, you can choose from a variety of radio channels or pre-determined playlists. Browse through current hits or select a throwback to the classics. Make it a true multi-media experience by playing music, music videos, and even lyrics for each song and artist.

Mvix Digital Signage App - Feeds

MS Office

Up until the release of our MS Office digital signage app, displaying Word, Excel and PowerPoint presentations on large screens was a laborious task. Files had to be converted for compatibility before being uploaded to the software. This was an inefficient and inconvenient way of displaying information that made it difficult to share real-time data.

With the MS Office app, you don’t have to worry about converting documents. You can upload files directly to the software and instantly have them displayed on your digital signage displays. The software automatically converts files so that you don’t have to manually execute this process.

The MS Office app is perhaps most impressive when it comes to displaying PowerPoint presentations. The app will automatically turn the presentation into a playlist of slides. No need to save your PowerPoint as a video in order to upload is to the software. It is the perfect way to instantly turn presentations into animated playlists and engage with your audience.

Social Wall

Social media has become a vital part of inbound marketing and customer engagement. Leverage social media and encourage interaction with your posts. You can build meaningful relationships and turn customers into brand ambassadors.

With the Social Wall app, you can seamlessly integrate your social media accounts and digital signage effort. Display real-time feeds from Instagram, Facebook, Yelp and other platforms. All you do is enter your handle or a specific hashtag to identify and display related stories and posts.

You can easily filter out any negative posts before they appear on the screen. Consider adjusting settings and fully customizing your social wall. Complement your existing branding from a convenient and easy to navigate dashboard.

The Value of a Digital Signage App

Digital signage is becoming an increasingly important tool for engaging with customers and visitors. People look at screens every day. Incorporating digital signs in your building encourages people to engage with internal displays instead of external devices.

A digital signage app such as Feeds, Radio, MS Office, and Social Wall is one of the most important components of digital signage software that can be leveraged to a personalized experience for your visitors. Technology will continue to advance and new apps are going to expand the capabilities and convenience of digital signage. These tools will also continue to become more pervasive and offer more opportunities to engage with customers and convert sales.