Motion and 5 other Must-haves in every Signage Design

Signage, whether it be analog or digital, is at its foundation a form of advertising. The intention of most signs is to attract people to come closer. Capture those same people with the content on display and send customers or the general public a call to action. Prompts and cues will direct the viewers. (more…)

How to Sell Digital Signage as a Value Proposition

Digital signage systems have been oversimplified to a plug-and-play solution that can be purchased, installed, and used out-of-the-box. Brands read about the benefits of implementing digital signage and believe that all it takes is a simple transaction — the purchase of hardware — to start a digital signage network.


Outdoor Digital Signs: Digital vs. Static

Technology continues to be the driving force behind innovative efforts, and outdoor digital signage is proving to be a valuable tool across a wide variety of industries. Recent studies show that the average Americans spend more than 10 hours a day looking at a digital screen, so it only makes sense that businesses would use screens to connect with customers. Outdoor digital signs effectively meet the consumer where they are by providing a familiar format for conveying important and timely information in real-time. (more…)

How to Build a Profitable Digital Signage Strategy

We’ll start by defining what digital signage strategy is:

A digital signage strategy is a plan that outlines the goal of implementing the technology, what your content or communications will consist of, what the purpose of the communications is and how you will measure the success of digital signage. It should be aligned with your company’s business goals.