Digital Signage Font Guide | Chapter 2: Font Colors

When designing content for display on a digital sign, typography is often overlooked. As inconsequential as it may seem, your choice of font says a lot about how you want your audience to perceive your brand, and it can make a huge difference on how legible your content is from certain distances.  

Our three-part Digital Signage Font Guide will look at best practices for selecting the font type, the font color and font pairings for your digital signage content. (more…)

Why more Architects are Using Digital Signage

There are differing opinions about the ever-increasing pervasiveness of digital media in our lives. Nonetheless, there is no denying that it is here to stay in some capacity.

For architects using digital signage, the challenge is turning something that has the potential to be disruptive into a practical tool that seamlessly integrates into a space. If done well, the addition of digital displays can actually increase overall aesthetic appeal and create an interactive customer experience that translates into new business potential.


7 Common Design Mistakes in Digital Signage

So, you’ve convinced your organization to invest in digital signage, and now it’s up to you to start unlocking the benefits. What’s next?

The next step is developing content for your displays. You’ve likely uploaded some content to your displays already, but just one or two templates won’t do the trick—you need an assortment of cultivated templates and content displays that showcase every aspect of your brand messaging.


Lessons for Immersive Events from HBO’s Westworld Experience at Comic-Con

Verge writer Brian Bishop recently gave readers a peek inside HBO’s immersive Westworld: The Experience at 2017 Comic-Con International. As with most immersive event experiences, Westworld: The Experience drew fans in and didn’t let go. Much like the award-winning television show’s surface plot, it introduced adventurous attendees to a compelling fictional performance piece. This gives new meaning to the idea of real-time customer service.


[Guide] A Complete Guide to Courthouse Digital Signage

alsoCourthouses are an integral part of our judicial system. Those tasked with managing courthouse policy bear the responsibility of maintaining decorum and ensuring that courthouse processes run smoothly—two goals best achieved through communication. And as it turns out, digital signage is the perfect way to achieve this level of communication.


3 Steps to take when Developing Content for Digital Signage

Your organization has a problem.

You’ve recently invested in digital signage, seeking the highly-engaging and flexible solutions it provides. You’ve created a few content templates, deployed a few screens, and have begun to see its benefits in action. However, after a few months of success, your growth stops. Your content has grown stale. Viewers are familiar with your messaging and they don’t engage with it as much as they used to. (more…)