5 Best Uses of Video on Digital Signage for Internal Communications

As we discussed in a previous blog post, video messages are by far one of the most effective, cost-conscious and versatile. Video can be used for any kind of corporate communications, whether it is creating a personal touch to corporate updates or strengthening ties with employees. (more…)

What is a Digital Signage Player? Here are the Basics

Simply put, a digital signage player is the device you can use to present digital content on a display. Digital signage is a great way to promote your brand and quickly disseminate relevant information to clients or staff and the digital signage player is a central component to the digital signage operation. But if you’re new to signage players, you may have a few questions about the process.

Let’s start at the beginning.


7 Reasons Why Videos On Digital Signage Get Employees More Engaged

As business technology evolves, so does the art of internal communications. Not too long ago, printed memos and cork boards were staples of office communications. But the rise of email changed those practices in a hurry. Now, videos on digital signage are opening a new world of possibilities.