4 Benefits of Using a Dedicated Digital Signage Media Player

In recent years, digital signage has steadily become a staple of businesses, campuses, and other public spaces. At this point in the evolution of this technology, digital displays are so ubiquitous that they are the norm instead of a novelty. Employees, customers, and visitors have certain expectations when it comes to where and how this technology is used. (more…)

What is the Best Operating System for Digital Signage?

In an article for Embedded Engineering Systems, Now Micro’s Bernard Carter defined the opportunity and inherent difficulty presented by modern digital signage, explaining that it “challenges us to develop solutions which demonstrate increased awareness of total solution security while still delivering 21st-century consumer-driven experiences.” (more…)

5 Best Content Integrations for Healthcare Digital Signage

As a healthcare provider, you know the importance of delivering a positive patient experience. That experience begins in the waiting room, where patients often have little more than outdated magazines to hold their attention. Digital signage content integrations can improve the waiting experience for patients and also improve organizational efficiency.