[Infographic] Exploring Digital Signage Use Cases by Industry: Part 2

We’ve covered digital signage use cases in corporate, healthcare, and educational industries in our previous blog, but today we will be discussing the benefits of digital signage in three new industries: retail, restaurants, and hospitality. (more…)

[Video] 5 Tips for Implementing Digital Building Directories

Digital building directories are a sleek, modern approach to traditional static building directories. They are commonly seen in malls and tourist-heavy areas, and are easy to read and visually appealing. They are also customizable, cost-efficient, and easy to manage.


Are You Digitally Motivating Your Target Audience?

In our upcoming webinar, “So you have Digital Signage, now what?” we will be going through some key factors that come into play when determining your messaging. When organizations talk about creating content for their digital signage projects, they may know what messages they want displayed, but what they may not know is how to create content that speaks directly towards their target audience.


Digital Signage Content Ideas for Local Businesses

Digital signage is commonly seen in large cities or tourist locations, such as Times Square in New York City. Small and local businesses are seeing the value of digital signage implementation and jumping on the bandwagon. Let’s discuss digital signage content ideas for local businesses.