[Video] Digital Signage Design Tips for Creating a Captivating Display

When creating content for your digital signage display, the first step is to define your target audience. If you’re a store owner ask yourself questions such as, “What types of content will be relevant to my customers? and “What age range are my customers, are there specific design elements that will appeal to them more than others?” Through keeping these questions in mind, you can begin to build a strategy on how to create an impactful and memorable digital signage display for your customers, employees, ect. Check out these digital signage design tips for creating a captivating display! (more…)

Trade Show Diaries: What to Expect at CTC 2019!

The Court Technology Conference (CTC) is the largest court technology conference in the world and brings together more than 1,500 court professionals for three days of learning, training, and networking. CTC 2019 will be held in the one and only, New Orleans. The Mvix team is packing their bags and will be there for all the fun and excitement!


[Guide] A Reseller’s Roadmap to Addressing Digital Signage Concerns

It’s no question that digital signage has tremendous value. Its dynamic flexibility not only appeals to end-users, but to resellers as well. The increasing market for digital signage provides a ripe opportunity for resellers. While the benefits to your end-users are plentiful, clients may still be hesitant about the implementation. Let’s discuss some common digital signage concerns: