[Infographic] How can YOU be Happier at Work?

Do you frequently get the case of the Monday blues at work, or get the Sunday night scaries when you think about your work tasks for the next day? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! We all have these feelings once in a while, but it’s important to have a positive outlook when it comes to work in order to be a happy employee! Here are some tips on how to achieve workplace happiness:


Trade Show Diaries: 2019 Court Technology Conference (CTC) Highlights

The 2019 Court Technology Conference (CTC)  had a great turn out! We not only got to demo our court docket displays, but we also had the opportunity to network with individuals in the court industry and learn more about their digital signage needs.


[Guide] The Importance of Digital Signage Champions

While digital signage can be a powerful marketing and communication tool, many companies are failing to use it to its full potential. In order for digital signage to be successful, it is imperative to have an employee or team “own” the system and content. In other words, having key players who are take ownership and responsibility is critical to your digital signage success. These “owners” are known as digital signage champions. Generally speaking they are accountable for the success of your digital signage displays.

Who Are Your Digital Signage Champions?

There are many instances where one team will purchase digital signage and then hand it off to another team to manage. The employee or team, who may already have a list of other responsibilities, may be unaware of the technology and the goals for it.

Without clear ownership from day one, digital signage efforts can get lost in the shuffle, which will result in little to no return on investment (ROI) or return on objective (ROO). 

In order to avoid this situation, let’s discuss the importance of having digital signage champions and the other roles within your company that can contribute to the success of your digital signage project.

Why You Need Digital Signage Champions

Before purchasing digital signage, companies should have buy-in from every department. This confirms that everyone will know how their role will contribute to the project and its success. Not to mention, eliminating job task confusion and placing accountability in making sure goals are met. For this reason, having a clear digital signage champion is key. 

This champion is responsible for:

  • Managing a team of digital signage users
  • Creating a centralized communication strategy
  • Keeping the content fresh and relevant
  • Staying up to date with the newest digital signage content apps and features
  • Measuring the performance of the digital signage network

When assigning a digital signage champion, make sure the individual will take ownership of the digital signage network and take the initiative of updating the content frequently and accurately. 

Other Digital Signage Roles

Besides the main champion/content manager, other digital signage roles that contribute to the success of your digital signage include: 

Tech Manager

  • Makes final hardware and software purchasing decisions
  • Creates troubleshooting and reporting process
  • Escalates problems and contacts vendors if necessary

Content Designers

  •  Selects relevant content to display on digital displays
  • Creates content that complements the company’s branding
  • Designs templates and just update or add new content to it

All things considered, having someone who handles your digital signage efforts is important. For more information on digital signage champions and their responsibilities, check out our guide!

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5 Ways to Utilize Digital Signage and Human Resources

Are you looking for ways to improve your company culture while effectively communicating your company’s goals and values to your employees? The human resources (HR) department can use digital signage to instantly communicate with employees company-wide and keep important HR information front and center throughout the business day. Let’s look at five ways you can use both digital signage and human resources to help bridge the gap between management and employees:


Court Docket Displays: What are their Benefits? | Infographic

Court docket displays are an effective tool for any courthouse to have. Another name for court docket displays is courthouse digital signage. This solution eliminates the need for court clerks to answer repetitive questions and print static dockets (which are both time-consuming to create and costly to produce). In other words, it can save employees time and energy.

Along with improving efficiency and saving tax dollars, there are a variety of other benefits that come with implementing this solution:

Send Targeted Messages

IS your court closing for a day or two soon? For example, for Labor Day? If so, you can schedule content in advance. For example, provide information on court closings and rescheduling dates. Content can be scheduled for a specific day or time.

Enhance Safety

Keeping individuals who are at the court house safe is priority. Think about it, that’s part of the reason there is security at court houses. Digital displays can help, by displaying safety times as well as weather warnings. Displays can present information in real-time regarding approaching storms and other inclement weather warnings. This solution can also display safety instructions such as what to do during an evacuation. 

Guide Court Visitors

Courthouses can be a very busy environment so naturally many visitors may need direction. Along with answering commonly asked questions, court docket displays can also provide visitors with information on security, safety protocols, and rules of decorum. Wayfinding is another name for giving visitors directions. 

Digital Court Docket Displays

As you can see, there are many benefits for both court staff and visitors. The type of content that can be displayed varies from courtroom decorum to emergency notifications. Check out this infographic below which displays the other benefits of implementing a digital court docket display:



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