[Video] Digital Signage and TVs: What’s the Difference?

Although digital signage and TVs may look similar, they have very separate purposes. TVs are great for watching your favorite shows and movies, but they are limiting devices. Digital signage allows you to create and control multiple zones of content at once. The benefits of digital signage don’t stop here, let’s look into the other differences between digital signage and TVs.


[Guide] 37 Best Practices for Employee Communication

In order to achieve operational success in your business, a strong strategy that follows best practices for employee communication must be put into place from the start. 

There are many popular forms of employee communication including email, intranet, in-person meetings, social media, and digital displays. All these methods of communicating are effective in increasing productivity and engagement in the workplace.

However, if you’re struggling to get employees to adhere to human resources policies or issues getting departments to work together seamlessly, it might be time to rethink your employee communication strategy. Here are some of the best practices for employee communication: 


What Do You Need for Interactive Digital Signage Displays?

In today’s ever-expanding technological landscape, the more interactive something is, the better, right? In some cases, that’s true, but there are several important aspects to note before swapping out your standard digital signage to brand-new interactive digital signage.

Interactive digital signage refers to signs that potential customers can interact with, specifically touchscreens. Interactive media has been shown to increase customer engagement, allow customers to feel more connected to a product or brand, and better capture people’s attention. But those who are familiar with standard digital signage might not realize all the differences between the two. It’s not as easy as uploading additional software or installing a new digital sign. Before you decide to make the switch, make sure you understand everything that goes into installing and managing interactive digital signage.


Christmas Checklist: Preparing Your Church’s Christmas Digital Signage

It’s the countdown to Christmas! That means it’s time for churches to prepare their Christmas digital signage displays in order to communicate their holiday plans with their congregation and church community. 

Whether the mission for the church is to strengthen their communication methods or to build new connections, a clearly communicated message in their Christmas digital signage display will make those plans possible. If you’re upkeeping the digital signage for your church, follow these steps to reach the biggest possible audience and help create a successful Christmas season for your church and everyone who attends.


[Video] Customizing Digital Signage Layouts for Your Unique Audiences

When designing a digital signage layout for your screen, it is important to remember your target audience. Everything from the content, layout, and design elements should be useful and relatable for your audience. Let’s take a look at how to tailor digital signage layouts for different types of audiences.