What is the Best HD Digital Signage Player?

Among all of the hardware devices driving a digital signage solution, the digital signage player is the most important. It’s key to understand all the hardware elements for digital signage. The media player is the heart of the operation, and powers the digital signage screens to display content. As such, it’s to the benefit of all business owners to take a careful look at their options before choosing an HD digital signage player for their company. 

Is this a small digital signage implementation of only a few screens? Or is it a bigger job that’ll span multiple buildings across a connected network? Jot down a few notes about what’s needed from the signage solution before continuing, as the scope of the project will influence which players might be appropriate. Let’s review a few of the core features to look for in an HD digital signage player.


[Guide] How To Be a Digital Signage Reseller

Digital signage is saturating every corner of the market and as a result, the need for digital signage resellers is increasing rapidly. A digital signage reseller operates as the middle man between digital signage vendors and customers.

While the demand for digital signage resellers is increasing, potential resellers need to first have a clear plan in mind when selling digital signage. In order to capitalize on this industry, a digital signage reseller must know what to sell (such as what type of digital signage player to recommend), who to sell to, how to select digital signage vendors, how to market their services, and much more. 


4 Must-Haves for a Media Player for Digital Signage

There are three main aspects of any digital signage system: the display, digital signage software, and the media player.

  1. The digital signage software or content management software (CMS) is where content is created and managed
  2. The media player for digital signage downloads this content and sends it to screens
  3. The display is just that; it shows the images, videos, promotions, web pages and other content you want your audience to see.

Media players can take many forms. Some come in the form of a USB drive. Some look like routers or modems that would be mounted behind a display. Others yet can be embedded in a screen such as the LG System on Chip (SoC) displays. No matter what digital signage player, its job is to make sure the content gets where it needs to go at the proper time. 


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What are the Essential Digital Signage Software Features?

Editors Note: This content was originally published in October 2017. It has been updated to include new features that are now standard in today’s digital signage software.

In the broadest terms, the best digital signage software will enable businesses to communicate better and influence the behavior of its target audience.

While the specifics of such a communication strategy will be unique to each business, there are a few essential digital signage software features that need to be in place for the strategy to be successfully implemented and executed. (more…)

[Video] 7 Tips for Digital Signage CTAs

An effective display should include strong digital signage CTAs. Whether you’re managing digital signage for a school, hospital, or corporate office, you should consider adding CTAs to your display to encourage your audience to engage with your brand. Let’s take a look at the different ways you can create strong digital signage CTAs: