What is digital signage and how does it work?

Most articles about digital signage cover bits and pieces of it but not the whole ecosystem. This article will take a different approach. We’ll cover everything about digital signage and highlight the important parts.


6 Tips for Finding the Best Digital Signage Player Price

Digital signage systems are valuable communication tools for businesses ranging from restaurants that use digital menu boards, waiting room displays in hospitals to building directories for commercial and residential properties. When purchasing a full system, digital signage player price is one of the main factors you’ll need to consider. These tips will get you started:


How to be Productive While Working from Home

In an effort to “flatten-the-curve” and reduce the impact of COVID-19, most companies, including ours, are mandating employees to work from home.

Working from home has its perks – no commutes, you can work in sweatpants, no distractions (maybe?), and sometimes you’ll be more efficient. (more…)

How to Select the Best Digital Signage Hardware for Your Company

Every company wants the best digital signage hardware. That’s a given. But what constitutes “the best digital signage hardware”? How can a company sort through its options and come to a decision that both meets its goals and fits within budgetary constraints?

These can be tricky questions to answer for those unfamiliar with digital signage options, so here, let’s review the main hardware options you’ll be looking at during your project plan.


5 Security Questions for Your Cloud-Based Digital Signage Player Provider

If you’re exploring the benefits of a cloud-based digital signage player, you’re probably up to your eyeballs in articles, blogs, and opinions about which system is best. 

We have another blog for you but it isn’t about choosing a digital signage player or developing a content strategy. It’s about protecting the system you choose and the data you’re putting into the cloud. In particular, make sure you have these five issues locked down before choosing a provider to go with.


How to Handle Coronavirus Concerns in the Workplace

Editor’s Note: Our creative team has developed 20 short videos about COVID-19 that are themed around returning to work. Click here to download the videos and see how you can use them to safely reopen and communicate with customers and staff.

COVID-19, which is mistakenly referred to by many as “the coronavirus” (there are many coronaviruses, but the current one is specific) is an upper-respiratory disease which as of this writing has infected at least 120,000 and killed more than 3,900.

The rapidly changing information about the virus creates worry, chaos and a lot of uncertainties that affect the workplace. While previously isolated to pockets of individuals with known international connections, the virus is now propagating domestically, something that public-health experts call “community spread.” (more…)