At Mvix, we strive to innovate and add value every day and improve. Part of our growth process is the hunt for new and relevant information in the digital signage space. Our goal is to inform and entertain clients, employees, and others who read our blogs and articles. Here are our twelve picks for our freshest and most relevant content for 2020.

1. How to Handle Covid-19 Concerns at Work

This year has been challenging for everyone. The Covid-19 pandemic has affected many areas of our lives but especially in the workplace and in schools. This article looks at how to address concerns about Covid-19 at work as well as measures one can take to avoid the spread of the virus and keep employees and co-workers safe. 

Covid-19 Content 2020

2. 89 Proven Digital Signage Statistics for 2020

This article is one of our most popular blog posts. Originally published in 2015, we update this blog as new data comes in over the previous year. As Digital Signage is still a relatively new technology and is a constantly growing market, keeping up to date statistics is key. In this article we have compiled 89 statistics about digital signage broken down into different markets – corporate, education, retail, and healthcare to name a few.

3. A Helpful Guide to Installing ADA Compliant Signage

Did you know that digital signage needs to be ADA compliant? This blog is a great way to check if you are being ADA compliant when installing your digital signage. What’s even better is we include an infographic to use which is less time consuming to read! A great takeaway from this article is that you can easily make your signage compliant as you can make updates in real time.

ADA Compliance

4. How do you Reopen in the New Normal?

This question has affected people worldwide.  At this point, we have lived with Covid-19 for almost a full year and the numbers are unfortunately on the rise again so many of us will be living in the “new normal” until a vaccine becomes readily available. The question remains however on how do you reopen in the new normal? Whether you are a business, a school, a retailer or just an employee going back to work at an office this article looks at the role digital signage can play in eliminating touch points. Bonus: this article has free videos you can download and display if you already have digital signage!

5. What is Digital Signage and How Does it Work?

Our main purpose for posting articles on our site is to help our clients and curious readers. We are always striving to provide information they can use and to make digital signage an easy concept to understand or grasp. This article is definitely one of our longer posts but we feel it is one of our most relevant. 

This is a great read if you are interested in finding out what digital signage is, what it’s used for, or why it’s important. Furthermore, it covers the components, cost, and implementation of digital signage. 

6. Everything you need to know about Digital Menu Boards

The majority of our clients in the food industry use their digital signage displays as digital menu boards. Digital menu boards popularity is growing. If you are a restauranteur or fast food chain manager looking to help optimize your business or adapt to the Covid-19 pandemic, this article is perfect for you. Digital menu boards enable you to fully replace printed menus and eliminate the need to sanitize and clean menus.  Be sure to check out this post to explore components, benefits, and design tips for digital menu boards.

Digital Menu Boards Examples

The 6 articles mentioned above feature in our top 20 blog or content posts for 2020 too! 

7. 49 Small Business Statistics and Trends for 2020

We love small business! These statistics look at growth, revenue, market, sales and workforce for small businesses. As of 2019, there were a total of 30.7 million small businesses in the United States, that’s just one of the 49 statistics on this content page.

8. Video Wall | All you need to know about Video Walls

What is a video wall? Simply put, a video wall is a collection of screens that are combined and/or tiled together to create one large display. Surprisingly, only 13% of the video wall systems installed have content management software (CMS)! Without CMS, the video wall is essentially a very expensive decoration. Read this article to better understand the components and benefits of using a Video Wall.

9. Digital Signage Cost: What is the Total Cost of Ownership?

This is a really important article for us mostly for the transparency it provides. We strive to always have clients who are well informed about our products and services with one of the most important elements in the decision-making process being the cost. This article provides clarity and transparency about what exactly digital signage cost.  Not just the hardware or software, but what is the total cost of ownership for implementing digital signage?

Total Cost of Digital Signage Content 2020

10. Digital Signage | Why Every Word Counts

What you display visually on your digital display is crucial. Most paramount however is choosing the best words to go alongside your digital signage strategy. This article discusses different techniques or writing devices you can use on your displays.  For example; alliteration,  repetition, chunking, and the serial-position effect. 

11. Business Communication 101: What It Is and How to Use It

This piece spans outside the digital signage space and can be useful to all businesses and companies. What exactly is business communication though? Is it different from regular communication? Why does it matter? This article address of all of that as well as breaks business communication down into:

  • Internal Communication
    • Upward Internal 
    • Downward Internal
    • Lateral Internal
  • External Communication
  • Nonverbal Communication

Business Communication

There are so many different ways to communicate as well as mistakes that happen during communication. You can learn more about how to avoid common mistakes and how to establish guidelines and policies around business communication.  As a result you should have more effective communication.

12. 110 Content Ideas | What to Display on your Digital Signage

Coming up with fresh and relevant content for digital signage can be a taxing process for a lot of users! With this in mind, we have listed 110 great content ideas to use on your digital displays in this blog. For example, banks could display finance and money-saving tips on their digital signage displays, to name one.  This article breaks it down according to your target market:

  • Corporate and Employee
  • School and College
  • Banks
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Retailers
  • Transportation 
  • Gyms and Fitness Centers
  • Restaurants
  • Worship Venue
  • Manufacturers

And there you have it! As shown above, our top 12 content pieces we created this year (2020). As we move to 2021, we are looking forward to 2021 and creating more fresh and relevant content for our clients and curious users. Happy reading! For more information about digital signage, feel free to contact us at 866.310.4923 or email us at