Like many of us, you may have made some New Year’s resolutions regarding health, personal finance, or family matters. Our company and our team is a living entity and it is prudent that we also resolve to make improvements. Here are some resolutions, we as Mvix have.

The New Year is the perfect time to make positive changes in our company. Experts say that one can improve their resolution success rate by keeping them small and specific, and by sharing with others. Therefore, here is our list of 2016 resolutions for Mvix Digital Signage:

Learn Something New

New skills, technologies, and opportunities arise every day. This year, the biggest mandate for each of our team members is to learn something new; a new skill set, a formal certification course or even a self-learned new technique on how to do our job better. Just something new to upgrade our business or analytical skills and credentials. Bottom line, learn something new and apply it to our work or personal lives or to helping clients. As a team, when we learn, we innovate and so does the entire company.

Spend More Time with Family

At Mvix, our partners, vendors and our team members are family. Spending time with family gives us new ideas, new collaborations, and new appreciation for each other. This means building an even stronger relationship with partners and clients in 2016, is definitely one of our resolutions at Mvix. Building and maintaining these relationships doesn’t have to be about spending a lot of money – it’s about spending the time. There is no better tutor than the learning of what others are happy about, or struggling with. Together we shall celebrate the milestones in this digital signage universe – even those that we’re not a part of.

Travel to New Places

Digital signage is an ever growing and fast evolving discipline. We are constantly reminded that its “boundaries are endless”. This year we pledge to explore said boundaries. Our resolution at Mvix for 2016, is to push ourselves toward an innovation-centric company, where new product features are characterized by organic evolution. We will boldly travel to unknown lands and unchartered territories – hope to find places “…where no man has gone before.”


We take this literally. We have been always been involved with the local community or other charities via our Mvix Cares program. Helping others helps everybody. Our resolution at Mvix is to start off the year by committing to giving back is incredibly positive and rewarding. Not only does helping out feel good, it also exposes us to the realities of life and enables us to meet others, who like us, are dedicated to doing good.


Even when we are not reaching out to new potential clients, visiting networking events every few months to talk to our “family” will keep us active in our industry, help build relationships, learn new things, and help our skills. We will visit our current clients to learn about their pain points, needs, or even some subtle nuances. We pledge to pack our running shoes this year so we can explore the “new trails of 2016 and beyond.”

Get Rid of Old Clothes

Time and again we have looked at some of our products, services, and processes and wondered if they really matter or are we simply, emotionally attached to them? Be it old clothes in our closet or redundant products or processes, it’s hard to get rid of them.This year, we vow to critically examine services that don’t serve clients as well as others do, despite how much we might be emotionally attached to them. We will look at our programs, processes, and protocols and hope to eliminate the bottom 10% – specially those which are irrelevant. Our motto for 2016: “Let’s Simplify.”

New Years Resolutions from Mvix

Lose Weight/Get fit

Get slimmer – more agile, and become more responsive to our client needs. Be it launching new features, widgets, or responding to customer service issues, we have excelled in the past few years. We are known for our exemplary client support. We can improve further and get closer to our clients. As we grow, we intend to shed fat, and become more agile. The hope is to get our front-line team to attain more authority to better serve the customer – quickly and effectively. Being nimble is also the prescription to becoming more competitive.

Be Less Stressed

Did you know that about 28% individuals want to decrease their stress levels in 2016? We as a company are no different. Stress to outperform, stress to excel in everything we do and stress to create something that’s out of this world eventually takes a toll. Let’s accept it – we cannot excel at everything, so why stress about it?

Enjoy Life to the Fullest

This has been our ongoing mantra since the day we were born – over 10 years ago. No wonder, more than 45% of individuals want to do the same in 2016. The culture at Mvix has been to have fun at what you do. Our team is our asset and the more fun we have at work, the better we serve our clients. Beyond our Fun-Fridays, we will reward ourselves for specific milestones like a big client win, meeting a tough deadline, or working “overtime” to resolve client issues.

Stop Procrastinating

We’ve all suffered procrastination. We put off doing less pleasurable things in place of more pleasurable ones. In 2016, we’ll take on the hard tasks with as much enthusiasm as we do the easy fun ones. Be it with R&D or customer satisfaction, we’ll embrace the challenging ones as much as we do the pleasurable and easy ones.

So there you go… that’s our list of  our resolutions here at Mvix…. what’s yours?