Despite the fact that Marvel’s “Avengers: Infinity War” has only been out for a short time, it is already on its way to becoming the biggest movie release ever, passing the billion-dollar mark within its first 12 days in theaters. But what does this have to do with digital signage and it’s integrators?

Of course, this colossal success did not come without some heavy build-up. Over ten years and 20 feature films, Marvel Studios has been carefully building an entire universe of comic book heroes that audiences love and feel connected to.  Infinity War featured nearly 40 characters and multiple plotlines. Movie theaters across the country are still selling out screenings. That’s due to the fact that the fans are so deeply invested in the story and the brand.

Now, we may not be discussing intergalactic sci-fi soap operas when it comes to digital signage. However, digital signage integrators can still learn quite a bit from the achievements of Kevin Feige and the Marvel Studios executives.

Engage Your Target Audience

As we previously mentioned, much of the success of Infinity War can be attributed to its dedicated and engaged fanbase. These are the people that go to the midnight release of the newest movie. And, additionally, stay until the very end for a glimpse of Marvel’s infamous after-credits scenes.

When integrators reach out to new prospective clients about digital signage, they should aim to develop the same kind of engagement from within the organization. What does this mean? It means that integrators can actively research their target markets and identify the people who would be most interested in digital signage technology.

For example, an IT director within a company may not see the immediate need or value of digital signage technology. However, the HR representative may find it useful for publishing employee communications memos or office calendars.

Think about the different ways digital signage could be useful to various decision makers within an organization. These digital signage champions can be useful for turning a potentially lost lead into a sale.

Approach Your Clients From Multiple Angles

Marvel Studios has released 20 movies and countless TV shows over the past several years. Their audiences haven’t shown any feelings of fatigue from seeing the same characters returning over and over again. One of the reasons, that each movie in the franchise busts box office records and continues to feel fresh and new, is that the individual movies take on a new take on the stories that fans are familiar with.

For example, Captain America and Spider-Man cross paths in the films and exist in the same shared “universe”. But Captain America: The Winter Soldier presented itself as a gritty spy thriller. Where Spider-Man: Homecoming was a funny, coming-of-age teen flick.

Similarly, integrators can keep digital signage exciting and fresh for their clients. Digital signage technology has so much potential in different roles and environments. A hospital may think they’re making the most of their digital signage by utilizing them for directories. But, have they considered it in their waiting rooms, exam rooms, employee lounges, and cafeterias?

The client may have certain project requirements in mind for their digital signage implementation, It never hurts to suggest other ways they can maximize the use of their networks.

Demonstrate the Benefits of a Complete Service Offering

Perhaps the most satisfying aspect of Infinity War is the payoff. Especially, for the fans that have been following the Marvel movies from the very beginning. The architects of Marvel Studios asked fans to trust the process with the promise of a big payoff. This came in the form of the biggest superhero movie ever created. They ultimately delivered on that promise with a film featuring tons of fan-favorite characters working together on the silver screen. The individual Marvel movies are fun to watch on their own. It’s awesome to see how all of the parts finally came together for Infinity War.

The same can be said for the different service offerings possible through digital signage. A digital signage software platform and media player may be enough for some people to get by, but without the right channels of support or the necessary project management resources, clients may not get the full experience they want or deserve.

You can be a real superhero to your clients by offering multiple levels of service that address the specific requirements of the project, such as 24/7 phone support or remote troubleshooting. Many clients struggle on the content side as well, so offering content creation services will also increase the ROI of digital signage to your clients.

You don’t need an Infinity Gauntlet to make an impression on your clients! By following these guidelines, digital signage integrators can truly accomplish marvel-ous things.