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6 Industries That Should Use a Mini PC

Did you know that there are approximately 2,7 billion computers in the world? That’s according to the International Telecommunications Union, which means there’s a lot of technology being used daily. In fact, The average American spends over 7 hours looking at a screen each day.

Every industry prefers its technology of choice. A large-scale industrial PC (personal computer), the standard desktop PC, or even a laptop may be an excellent choice for some settings. However, smaller, mini personal computers, or mini PCs, are becoming the technology of choice for numerous industries. Furthermore, they hold many advantages for employees. For example, if corporate offices are coworking and rotating desks, mini PCs are a lightweight solution that makes the transition easier. Let’s discuss the other industries that can benefit from deploying these personal computers.

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Advantages and Selection Tips

Mini PCs are available in several forms, including tablets, small laptops, and all-in-one PCs. As you see, there are multiple options to choose from. For example, there’s the Pentium and the different intel core processors, which include the dual-core Intel Celeron and the powerful quad-core intel core i7. The operating system supported will vary depending on the computer.

In other words, some mini PCs support windows such as Windows 10, others Linux OS, and others Ubuntu. However, regarding storage, you can choose between an NVme SSD or SATA SSD. Simply put, it has exceptionally high performance as far as computing or processing power goes.

If you’re looking for more flexibility, you can go for barebone kits instead of ready-to-go. With barebone kits, you can select various components, including the hard drive and RAM. As an affordable alternative to getting a full-fledged mini PC, you can choose to get a NUC motherboard and DIY with the assembly.

If you are especially keen on expandability, then a mini PC with PCIE slots and several gigabit ethernet ports may be the best pick. Additionally, they also so have versatile industrial connectivity, supporting ethernet, Wi-Fi, serial ports, HDMI, USB 3.0 and other USB ports, a wide range of I/O inputs, Bluetooth, VGA as well as expansion boards, among other peripherals.

They are also DC-powered and usually connected by screw terminals or connectors. Also, you don’t have to worry about the PCs becoming obsolete too soon, as they have a significantly long product lifecycle.

Industries That Can Use a Mini PC

1. Retail

How about a mini PC-powered point of sale for your retail outlet? The excellent processing power of a mini PC allows users to ring up items fast, ensuring better flow at the cashier stand. 

Generally speaking, if traffic is moving fast at the cashiers, then your customers don’t have to worry about long queuing times. This will only add to a great customer experience which may inspire loyalty.

Another great application is using the mini PC to run the digital signage and display inside and outside your retail store. 80% of customers choose to enter stores after seeing digital signage. Thus, you can link video walls and LCD screens to the display port of your mini PC and showcase your offerings and deals.

2. Healthcare

Because mini PCs can process information quickly, it makes them an excellent pick for healthcare facilities. Healthcare professionals analyze data to come up with diagnoses and more. Personal computers come in handy for the reliable and fast processing of this data. In addition, professionals can easily access and retrieve patient data.

Unlike desktop computers, mini PCs allow for mobility, which is a must in healthcare facilities. Doctors and nurses can easily fit these mini-computers on triage carts or carry them around without missing a step. Similarly, they are a critical telemedicine tool. The powerful computing power allows for quick and reliable remote patient diagnosis and treatment.

dentist office

Digital signage is also very critical in healthcare facilities. Mini PC-powered digital signs help with wayfinding around the facility, helping with education on best health care practices, and making other communications easier. From the lobbies to the waiting rooms, the strategic positioning of the digital screens allows them to serve their purpose best.

3. Education Institutions

Class listings, faculty news about upcoming events, and more are crucial details that should reach students and faculty members as soon as possible. Therefore, with a reliable digital signage network running on your mini PC, you will have a powerful tool for all your communications.

At the same time, digital signs are especially helpful for wayfinding. New students, parents, and other visitors will have an easier time finding their way around your learning institution when there are building directories and directional signs to guide them.

What’s more, mini PCs are an excellent tool for powering interactive presentations. Students will gladly engage when you do an interactive presentation, and it helps with knowledge retention, in addition to delivering an overall great learning experience.

Lastly, utilizing mini PCs instead of desktop computers in your library can save a lot of space. This way, you can set up more research stations for the students. The excellent processing power guarantees that users get great results and complete their assignments in good time.

4. Banking and Finance

Handling quantitative analysis and reports is a part of the everyday workload for financial institutions such as banks and stock trading companies. On that note, mini PCs deliver the processing power required for these tasks and guarantee quality workflow.

At the same time, faster processing ensures that these institutions can effectively reduce customer queuing time. If you can guarantee that customers can spend little time in your banking halls, you can earn an edge in the competitive banking and financial market.

Furthermore, mini PCs can power all your digital signage. Your staff and clientele can benefit greatly from these digital signage solutions, from the screens displaying infotainment in your lobby to the self-service kiosks that do away with the need for face-to-face interactions for minor transactions.

5. Manufacturing

digital signage in Manufacuring facility

Many manufacturers are embracing automation for most of their processes. This requires powerful processing power to link the various systems and ensure quality workflow, which mini PCs can deliver. Indeed, there is a long list of how industries can use mini PCs. This includes preparing and updating production schedules, tracking work orders, and ensuring quality control while guaranteeing proper workflow.

6. Digital Design and Advertising Agencies

Mini PCs deliver excellent performance and have the computing power to deliver incredible visuals. This is a fit for professional digital signage solutions providers and other agencies in the digital design and advertising niche.

You can record and edit content in various formats. With a great graphics card, you should be able to display animations and high-quality video content for various applications. 

Consider Deploying a Mini PC in Your Workplace

As can be seen, there is an endless list of how industries can use mini PCs. Indeed, so small, but the impact of these mini-computers across various industries is quite significant. In any event, this is just but a highlight of a few applications in a few industries. On the whole, mini PCs are very versatile and an easy, great fit for just about any sector or market.

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