With the holiday season upon us, this is the perfect time to use digital signage to build your business. Christmas digital signage is a perfect way of increasing your business’s visibility. Meaning retailers can use digital signage to draw in shoppers. Especially in the context of a shopping mall.

People are shopping and have more time on their hands, so digital signage gives you a way to stand out when people are more likely to see your post. Using digital signage templates is a great way to draw attention to your business. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of this joyful time of year.

1. Plan Ahead

You still have time – start making a plan now. Make sure to include the phases when you want to post your digital displays.

The first phase needs to focus on getting started as soon as possible. Remember, time is on your side, so make sure to use it since you have time. Starting to plan in October or November is ideal to make sure to get everything done before Christmas. Luckily, digital signage enables you to make real-time updates so, if you start now you still have enough time to get your displays up in time! That is, your Christmas digital signage displays.

This doesn’t mean dive in with posts without a plan though. You need to develop an overall plan through the beginning of the new year as people take down their Christmas decorations.

Social media is the best way to get started promoting your company. Creating eye-catching digital signage content can get you a lot of recognition within a couple of days of posting.

The next phase should build on what you started. Take the time to analyze which digital displays worked in the beginning to grow your visibility.

Build your content and design some images that really help your audience get into the Christmas spirit for holiday season.

Digital Signage Christmas

2. Set Goals

Part of your plan needs to be a goal for what you hope to get from your Christmas campaigns on your digital signage.

  • Are you hoping to get more traffic to your site? If so, you need to establish a numeric goal.
  • Are you hoping to make more sales? If so, establish a percentage of increase in sales you would like to see.
  • Is your goal to establish a bigger social media presence? Plan the platforms you plan to use to determine your metric for that, such as how many comments and likes you want to get, clicks, or other metric to indicate you are gaining more attention.

3. Make Use of the Internet

The reason why digital signage works so well is that it makes the most of the Internet. This can be even more effective to pop during the holiday season because more people are online.

Social media, such as Facebook, offers an easy way to incorporate digital signage. Interactive campaigns like sharing holiday movements and holiday prizes and promotions is a great way to get customers and potential customers to be more excited and to interact with your company.

Make sure to post relevant content about the holiday season, particularly Christmas. People are hunting for great bargains or gift ideas, decorative inspirations, Christmas cards, cooking ideas, and other holiday specific information. Use that to attract more people to your business and build anticipation for Christmas!

Relevant Christmas

4. Choose the Right Content

As difficult as it can be to believe, it is far easier to get content wrong than right. You’ve created a plan and set goals – now you need your content to be geared toward meeting the goals based on that plan.

  • Update content in your digital signage to include the holiday season.

  • Make sure all displayed products are in stock and employees are aware of what is being displayed.

  • Ensure there is a consistent theme between the signs and your sites and social media accounts.

5. Create Ambience

When people think of Christmas, they think of reds, greens, gifts, good food, light, movies and evergreen decorations. Use these images to complement your content and draw shoppers’ attention.

Your digital signage should include eye-catching displays. Consider augmented reality to help build an interactive component that will keep users engaged with your content. This kind of ambience helps them get into the holiday spirit while making them feel positively about your business.

6. Offer Your Customers a Unique Experience

Take the time to see what the competition and others in the industry are doing, especially in regards to December sales and store experience. You can use some of what they are doing, but it’s more important to find a way to make your signs stand out from the crowd.

Highlight what it is that you have to offer that is unlike the competitors.

Christmas Sale

7. Make Your Digital Signage Interactive

Interactive digital signage is what really can make the best impression on potential customers. Competitions, videos, and touchscreen displays or interactivity will not only bring people back, but will give them a reason to share it with others.

Don’t forget about the mobile devices with touch screen capabilities. Leverage this to create games or other creative ways of interacting with your customers.

Augmented reality is a great way to get potential customers to spend more time checking out your business. The holiday season is about interacting with others, so give customers a way to virtually interact with others.

For example, they can create a Christmas card for family and friends. The digital signage can appear at the top while they work on that card. It’s noninvasive and lets them learn more about you. To learn more about digital signage and how you can create unique content for your displays contact us at 866.310.4923.