Can a digital menu board help your business? Well, that would depend on if your business is in the food industry. Over the past few years, the food service industry has seen an exodus from traditional/static signage to digital signage. In fact, some of the benefits of digital menu boards that are triggering this movement include the ease of updating content, remote management, and the visual appeal of digital displays.

The technology is proving to be a resource that restaurateurs can’t do without. Consequently, digital menu boards are sweeping the fast food industry like the dollar menu. They are enabling restaurants to incorporate full-motion video into their menu display, better comply with menu labeling laws, and enjoy increased revenues and customer satisfaction.

But does the technology really matter that much? Are digital menu boards just a fad? How fast can you achieve a return on your investment?

The infographic below explores some of the benefits of digital menu boards and their advantages over traditional menus:

benefits of digital menu boards

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