The Best Digital Signage Players for 2021

The Best Digital Signage Players for 2021

Simply put, a digital signage player feeds content onto a screen with the help of digital signage software. Currently, the market has many hardware options, ranging from affordable plug-and-play devices to sophisticated boxes with enormous processing power.

Ultimately, you want a digital signage solution that can process the kind of content you want to display. Additionally, the player should be compatible with the existing operating system, whether you use Chrome OS, Android, or other solutions.

Another top concern for businesses using digital signage is hiding the media player and cables to achieve a clean setup. Fortunately, HDMI sticks such as the Amazon Fire TV stick and the Chrome Chromecast are easy to hide from view. Firesticks are easy to use because they plug into the inputs on a display signage display. The list below highlights the best digital signage players ranked in no particular order:

1. BrightSign

BrightSign is known for its reliable, long-lasting, and intuitive digital signage players. The company’s headquarters are in Los Gatos, California, with offices in Asia and Europe. Also, the company offers networking solutions and free software for the global digital signage market.

Source: BrightSign

Perhaps the main advantage of BrightSign is its variety of players for businesses. These categories include:

  • Entry Level

The LS424 is BrightSign’s entry-level digital media player at $275. It suits video walls and fulfills simple DS applications. What’s more, BrightSign has equipped the media player with ethernet, USB ports, and HDMI. The player supports Full HD at 60p and supports content scheduling.

  • Enterprise Performance

BrightSign has three models for enterprise applications. Firstly, the XT244 Standard player features a powerful 4k video engine that can simultaneously decode two 4K videos. If you would like to run live HDTV content from a broadcast channel, invest in the XT1144 Expanded player or the XT1144-T Expanded player.

  • Advanced Performance

BrightSign’s XD models are the perfect additions to a 4K ecosystem. The XD234 and XD 1034 models deliver vibrant colors and increased details to engage audiences. Moreover, you get advanced performance HTML5 engine and dual video decoding.


ONELAN, with its headquarters in the United Kingdom, offers high-performance solid-state devices and networking options. Additionally, content managers in every industry can explore its feature-rich software solutions. Its digital signage media players commonly feature in retail, hospitality, education, health, advertising, and corporate communication.

Source: ONELAN

ONELAN boasts an extensive product range, starting from basic digital signage applications to sophisticated solutions. The company loads these players with “NTB” Linux software to provide exceptional multimedia playback. As a result, you can easily integrate video, social media content, RSS feeds, live TV, and HTML5.

Further, the NTBS offers 24/7/365 reliability, making them suited for businesses that need low-maintenance solutions. Since the NTBs come pre-installed, you don’t need to worry about complex installations.

ONELAN’S NTB series also offers a user interface for media scheduling. Thus, you can curate playlists that engage visitors and employees. Furthermore, there are options for interactive touch. Another key feature of the company’s digital signage players is the ability to create multiple zones. Consequently, content managers can curate professional layouts to achieve attention-grabbing graphics.

3. Mvix

Mvix is a reputed supplier of turnkey digital signage solutions. The company’s CMS software is free with their players that attract a one-time fee. Additionally, the package has dynamic content apps, social media widgets, metrics dashboards, RSS feeds, and emergency alerts.

Since the software is web-based, you only need internet connectivity to manage your digital signage network. What’s more, the company’s considerable amount of data integrations and content applications has attracted big brands like Verizon and NASA.

Source: Mvix

The Mvix digital signage players range from the small yet powerful Mykro to the industrious Enterprise. All Mvix players come with support, solid state hard drives, zoned screen layouts (2 to 20 zones depending on the player), and remote management over the internet.

What sets Mvix apart is the content-rich software that comes with their players. With over 150 content apps available, you’ll be able to customize your display to fit your needs.

Mvix also offers two separate but focused players to fit specific digital signage needs. The Mvix Touch boasts touch leverages touchscreen technology which is perfect for interactive kiosks. The Mvix Video Wall Player is specifically designed for companies looking to employ a video wall solutions. This player boasts up to 12 outputs and is a cost-effective player for businesses who want to have a large visual footprint with the simplicity of a single media player.

4. AOpen

AOpen launched in 1966 as a component manufacturer and has since grown to be a competitive player in the digital signage hardware market. In fact, it’s present in over 100 countries, with businesses using its solutions on billboards, digital advertisements, and interactive menu boards. Further, AOpen’s media players help companies to create enticing digital signage content.

AOpen has a full suite of devices for different applications, including video walls, wayfinding, and payment terminals. The product range includes Digital Engines, Chromeboxes, and all-in-one touch displays. Therefore, you’re sure to get a device that satisfies your unique needs.

When choosing between AOpen’s digital signage media players, pay attention to the benefits. For example, a fanless device suits a quiet atmosphere or dusty environment. If you want a more compact solution, AOpen offers a range of slim media players. Subsequently, you’ll enjoy powerful performances from light devices that are easy to move around.

Source: AOpen

Additionally, the company offers embedded PCs for self-ordering kiosks. Thus, you can provide helpful information to visitors on your premises with a self-service PC from AOpen. Some of the company’s products include:

  • AOpen DE3250

AOpen has built this ultra-slim digital engine for rugged atmospheres. It features a fanless design and provides superior performance even on moving vehicles. Additional characteristics include an Intel 802.11n wireless network, 4GB memory, and 1080p media playback.

  • AOpen DE6140

If you want multi-display capabilities, the AOpen DE6140 supports up to four full HD screens. What’s more, it features a powerful processor to facilitate multiscreen purposes, making it ideal for video walls.

5. SpinetiX

SpinetiX has been developing durable digital signage players since 2006. Assembled in Germany and engineered in Switzerland, the company’s products boast top-rate craftsmanship. As a result, SpinetiX is popular among businesses that need reliable and robust media players. Moreover, the solutions support any signage applications. Thus, you’ll find a solution for single-screen content or advanced programmable capabilities.

Source: SpinetiX

SpinetiX specializes in delivering innovative digital signage solutions for outstanding displays. Its products primarily stand out because of low maintenance and operating costs, thanks to massive investments in research and development. Furthermore, SpinetiX media players stay up to date by relying on open technology to simplify integration into any project. These players include:

  • DIVA

SpinetiX has designed this plug-and-play digital signage player for small businesses. Its small and compact design simplifies installation in any environment. Additionally, you don’t have to install any digital signage software solution. The DIVA player has a built-in interface accessible on your local network with a mac, mobile device, or tablet. Therefore, you only need a Wi-Fi connection to publish content.

  • HMP350

The SpinetiX HMP350 is a full HD digital signage player for applications that need advanced features and integrations. Subsequently, it is popular among content managers promoting ambitious digital signage projects. Its features include interactivity, LED display support, and live video streaming. What’s more, scalability will be easy as you can control any number of screens. In addition, you can integrate third-party technology, including cameras and sensors.

In Conclusion

A digital media player powers digital screens and allows you to manage the displayed content. However, you need digital signage software for the player to work. Fortunately, the digital signage market has many software and player options to make your content shine.

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