Digital building directories serve various purposes and are useful for every office. Whether they are large and small. They are not only used to direct employees and office visitors to their desired locations, but they are also used to display informative information. Let’s take a look into a few features of this solution and why every office building should have a digital building directory!

1. Easily Display Floor Numbers

The last thing someone needs is to be late for their job interview or meeting! Digital building directories make it easy for interviewees, new employees, or guests who are unfamiliar with the building to find their desired destination easily and effectively. As a matter of fact, posting floor numbers can help employees and/or new guests from getting lost. Additionally, it can help them more easily locate offices or conference rooms. Especially, in larger offices or buildings.

2. Communicate Important Information

Aside from directing employees and office guests, digital building directories are also very useful for displaying important information. This information could include office and holiday hours, upcoming company events, new employee bios, or HR announcements. Displaying information keeps office tenants in the loop with office policies and helps the office stay connected as a whole.

3. Display Useful Content

Furthermore, you can display the weather, time, and scrolling text messages on your digital building directories. Content pieces like the weather and time are useful for everyone. Employees can easily check the weather on digital building directories to see if they need to bring a raincoat for the week. They can also check the time to make sure they will be on time for their next meeting. You can inform employees and tenants through scrolling text as well. For example, it can be used as a reminder for upcoming events. For instance, your scrolling text could say something like “Reminder: It’s Susan’s birthday today!”.

Why Digital Building Directories are a Game Changer

This solution provides a variety of ways for tenants and visitors to stay in the loop with office room locations and company policies. These are only some examples of how to use digital building directories. Check out our latest infographic for more benefits and use cases for digital building directories!


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