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Communicate Efficiently with Elevator Digital Signage

The average elevator user will transport floor-to-floor an average of 4 times daily. Why is important for business owners? That is an average of four opportunities in a day for these users to engage with elevator digital signage. Additionally, it’s four opportunities to communicate an important message or upsell a service/product. Implementing digital signage for your elevators will increase your chances of customers/employees engaging with your message.

Learn how you the purpose of elevator digital signage, the ROI of deploying this technology, and key content that can be displayed.

How Elevator Digital Signage Works

Elevator digital signage consists of:

There are multiple options and placement for digital signage inside your elevator. Ultimately, you’ll want to place your signage in areas depending on foot traffic, height and size. If you’re looking to “wow” your customers, bigger digital signage screens in the back of the elevator is perfect. This can be a video wall, LCD screen, LCD panel, or TV.

If you have heavy-traffic areas and want more visibility, placing digital signage forward-facing near elevator buttons would be best.

Next, decide on your content design and selection of digital sgiange software. An all-in-one CMS is versatile. You can do instant content updates, remotely control the content, organize your content better and schedule content, among other functionalities. You can choose from a wide range of templates as best matches your content needs

Types of Elevator Digital Signage Screens

There are two main types of digital signage display screens for elevators, depending on the installation location. You can install these elevator displays inside the elevator cabin or in the hall near the elevators.

For the screens mounted inside the cabin, you will do well to select a small screen or android device with a media player embedded into the screen. What’s more, the installation is more straightforward with screens that support HDMI connections. Wiring the internet connection for these elevator cabin screens may be a big challenge. For this reason, Wi-Fi may be your go-to option for internet access.

The second type of elevator digital signage displays are no different from your typical displays. You will need a wall mount to keep the screens securely in place. Hardwiring for access to power and ethernet should be fairly easy. You can hide these cables into the wall and avoid taking away from the aesthetics of the wall.

Uses of Elevator Digital Signage

Digital signage is very versatile, and you can use it in different ways. For elevator digital signage solutions, here is a look at some top uses which will ensure you get real value from your investment.

1. Displaying Building-Related Information

Display helpful building information on the elevator screens to help tenants and visitors alike. For instance, an easy-to-understand building directory can be a powerful wayfinding tool, especially for visitors.

You can set up interactive kiosks, where the user can key in on the touchscreen and search the directory. Also, let users know what amenities you have in your building. This includes helpful information, such as the hours of operation, customer services programs, and promotions.

digital signage outside an elevator

Additionally, this digital signage solution is great for displaying the rules and guidelines that may apply to tenants and visitors. This way, everyone is on the same page about the do’s and don’ts as they apply. For one thing, everyone will enjoy a harmonious coexistence, not to mention avoiding any penalties for non-compliance.

Have a scheduled maintenance run for the elevators coming up soon? Let users know in advance when they can expect the elevators to be out of service and for how long. Some users who are not keen on using the stairs will find this information very useful as they will know when to wait until the elevators are back in operation to move around.

Moreover, you can use the digital signage screens to announce any upcoming events for the building. Whether it’s a Christmas party or cookout on the rooftop on the weekend, share the event details with anyone who may be interested in attending. For various reasons, it is a better alternative to going around handing out event flyers.

2. Emergency Information Display

In addition to general building information, you can help put the minds of elevator users at ease by displaying emergency information. On the digital signage screens, clearly outline the mapped-out escape routes and emergency exits. Also, include specific instructions on what to do during an emergency, and provide emergency contacts.

Indeed, it will inspire some confidence in tenants and visitors alike, knowing that there are protocols in place when there is an emergency.

3. Display of Non-Building Related Information

Imagine getting into the elevator and coming across real-time weather updates, or live traffic updates. For one thing, you will know whether you are really dressed for the weather, and this crucial information could save you from catching that stubborn cold again. Also, you will know the best route to take to save time and avoid all the hassle of sitting in traffic.

In the end, it is about adding real value to the user. Thus, such digital signage content will get the attention of a captive audience as it adds value by providing meaningful insights.

4. Rich Entertainment

Transform every elevator ride into a fun-filled and entertaining one with elevator digital signage. Whether a user is going up or down a few floors or way more floors, make the ride a great one. Nothing like what they may be used to with everyone staring awkwardly into nothingness.

Add inspirational texts and videos, and play mood music to entertain users on their elevator ride. Moreover, you can add social media posts and similar content that may entertain the users. The ride up or down will not seem as long, no matter the number of floors, when there is such entertaining content in the background to capture elevator users’ attention.

5. Powerful Advertising Tool

With a good understanding of who uses the elevators, you will have the upper hand as far as target precision goes. LCD advertising is highly effective for so many reasons, including the fact that the human brain processes visual content 60,000 times faster than text. Actually, you must give due consideration to content design and ensure you come up with content that captures the attention of your target audience for displaying on the elevator digital signage screens.

digital signage outside elevator

Additionally, you can look forward to great success with running an ad campaign in the elevators, as there are no distractions in this set-up. Unlike other locations where distractions may take away the target audience’s attention, the high-brightness advertising display will catch the elevator users’ attention. Similarly, without any distractions, the target audience can more easily and readily digest the content of your ad.

That said, whether you are advertising available space in the building or running a promotion for a specific business, rest assured of how effective digital signage marketing can be.

Create a New Experience

Whether you are installing elevator digital signage screens inside the elevator cabins or in the hallway next to the elevator, you can create a unique experience for elevator users. Thus, create and upload the right content, and you can inform, entertain and run a highly-targeted marketing campaign.

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