Court docket displays are an effective tool for any courthouse to have. This solution eliminates the need for court clerks to answer repetitive questions and print static dockets (which are both time-consuming to create and costly to produce.)

Along with improving efficiency and saving tax dollars, there are a variety of other benefits that come with implementing this solution:

Send Targeted Messages

Do you have any court closings coming up? If so, you can schedule content to be displayed in advance that will provide information on court closings and rescheduling dates. This content can be scheduled to play on specific days/times which reduces manual labor for court staff.

Enhance Safety

Weather warnings should always be taken seriously. Court docket displays can present information in real-time regarding approaching storms and other inclement weather warnings. This solution can also display safety instructions such as what to do during an evacuation. 

Guide Court Vistors 

Courthouses can be a very busy environment so naturally many visitors may need direction. Along with answering commonly asked questions, court docket displays can also provide visitors with information on security, safety protocols, and rules of decorum. 

Digital Court Docket Displays

As you can see, court docket displays provide various benefits for both court staff and visitors. The type of content that can be displayed varies from courtroom decorum to emergency notifications. Check out this infographic below which displays the other benefits of implementing a digital court docket display:



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