There’s no question that digital signage in retail can provide big benefits for the businesses using it.

Digital signage can bring many advantages to any vertical out there. However, many business owners are still wary of investing in the necessary technology.

Are these fears justified? Or are they simply an aversion to change? Digital signage is a cutting-edge way to market to retail consumers. The process isn’t as complex as many business owners think.

Digital Signage Is Too Big an Investment

Commercial screens. Media players. Software. Custom content, templates, and layout production.

The CAPEX of digital signage is one of the biggest barriers to its use. Small businesses may not believe they have the extra capital to invest in digital marketing strategies. Larger organizations with plenty of money to spend are often subject to bottom-line focused decision-makers who may not be willing to invest in digital solutions. For business both large and small, digital signage fears often start with the bottom line.

The Solution

Finances should be accounted for in any business decision. However, retailers focusing only on the initial costs of digital signage technology are taking a shortsighted view of its value.

Using digital signage in retail is more than just a fancy way to grab customer attention. Digital technologies are an important part of engaging and guiding consumers through the buying cycle. Eye-catching visual displays can bring prospects in the door and provide them with helpful information during the decision process. As a result, stronger retail sales come as a matter of course.

Research by Oracle on retail organizations shows that improving the cross-channel customer experience is the biggest challenge for retailers – a goal supported by integrating digital strategies in brick-and-mortar establishments.

Add in the cost savings of reusable digital displays compared to traditional signage and the boosts to efficiency that modifiable templates provide when creating seasonal displays, and the ROI provided by digital signage skyrockets. Fears about ROI are a thing of the past in today’s retail digital signage world.

Content Production Is Expensive

“Sure,” many business owners say after reading the above. “But what about the recurring costs of content production?”

It’s true that the investment in digital signage doesn’t stop with tech installation. After retail displays are up and running, businesses need to generate and update custom content and layouts on a regular schedule to align with the retail establishment’s marketing goals. These layouts must be designed specifically for retail digital signage screens (any pre-owned templates won’t do the trick). Therefore, the fear of content investment is understandable.

The Solution

Businesses will certainly need to spend money on content. But, the great thing about content production is that businesses get out what they put in and can invest at any level feasible for their budget.

Large retail corporations will have the extra overhead to create a variety of unique advertising displays to generate serious interest in products. However, that doesn’t mean that mom and pop stores need to invest at the same level.

Digital signage in retail has lots of room to grow, and vendors know this. As they continue to develop and streamline their creative production, content layouts are becoming more affordable than ever. With digital signage infrastructure, a small business can customize and put to work even a basic template acquired on a budget.

Installation Is Too Complicated

Change can be frightening, particularly when it involves adapting a tried-and-true business model with new digital strategies. The process of turning an old-fashioned retail signage campaign into an integrated digital network can be daunting. Especially, for business owners who don’t have a technical bone in their bodies.

From setting up an IT infrastructure that supports a 24/7 digital experience to laying the cables that connect multiple screens to a central hub, technical expertise is certainly necessary when implementing digital signage in retail settings.

The Solution

Just as digital signage has evolved over the past several years, so too has the ease of installation.

Digital signage vendors have streamlined their set-ups to the point that even large-scale signage networks are installed quickly. Quality digital signage providers can provide quick on-site surveys and personalized assessments of retail space to determine the optimal placement of signage mounts.

Add in the convenience of emerging wireless technologies, such as cloud-based networking that connects with consumer tools that retailers already use, and a turnkey digital signage installation is well within reach for any size retail establishment.

Maintenance and Support Are Time-Consuming

Of course, deploying retail digital signage is only the first step. Like any technology, and especially technologies that rely on integrated network architecture and wireless connectivity, digital signage will eventually encounter some technical problems.

The Solution

The answer to this fear is simple: Quality digital signage vendors will stand behind their products and be in your corner whenever technical issues arise.

These problems may be due to hardware malfunctions, damage caused by customers on the shopping floor, viruses infecting the network, or even natural disasters. When the unthinkable happens, your digital signage supplier will be able to come to your aid and prevent as much system downtime as possible.

Aside from regular device upgrades and warranties on purchased hardware to ensure efficient operation, the care offered by your signage provider may include around the clock tech support, training on the basics of system architecture, and lifetime guarantees that give retailer owners peace of mind regarding the products powering their marketing strategies. This commitment to quality is fast becoming the standard in the digital signage world, making maintenance and troubleshooting a breeze.

Get Excited About Digital Signage in Retail

Although last-minute resistance is natural before making investments in new technologies, business owners shouldn’t be afraid of retail digital signage. Aside from the ROI it can generate, installation and maintenance are easier to manage than ever before.

With a quality vendor in your corner and a structured marketing strategy powering your advertising, any retail establishment can generate serious value through an investment in digital signage.