When designing a digital signage layout for your screen, it is important to remember your target audience. Everything from the content, layout, and design elements should be useful and relatable for your audience. Let’s take a look at how to tailor digital signage layouts for different types of audiences.


Employees are usually busy individuals that may need reminders here and there to stay on track; that’s where digital signage comes into play! Companies can tailor their digital signage screens to display information such as event listings and scrolling text to keep employees in the loop with company updates and new policies. They can also include other content to their digital signage screens such as weather and time to keep their employees updated. This busy audience will find reminders and updates such as these helpful, and adding brand colors to the screen will add visual appeal and reinforce brand identity.


Students retain information better when they feel engaged and excited. It’s important to use school colors and fun elements in your displays in order to engage this audience. Schools can also add content such as event listings in their digital signage layout in order to inform students of upcoming events and sports tryouts, and they can also include important contact information at the bottom of the screen in order to keep both students and faculty aware of how to contact them.


Patients may spend a significant amount of time in a waiting room. In these high dwell times, they may become bored or agitated. Digital signage in waiting rooms can help reduced perceived wait times and keep patients entertained while they wait to be called back. Doctor offices can include content in their digital signage layouts such as a waiting list, doctor biographies, and weather updates in order to keep patients entertained and make the waiting process more enjoyable.

Tailoring Digital Signage Layouts for Different Audiences

Digital signage is useful for a variety of different industries and audiences. What’s more, it’s how you tailor your layouts that makes the difference! Check out our latest video on how to create unique digital signage layouts for different audiences: