Digital signage apps are quickly becoming a great alternative to costly content creation suites such as Photoshop. They excel in simplifying the process of creating and deploying rich content and updating it as well.

Below are four digital signage apps that play a critical role in building an engaging visual network while improving efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Smart Playlists

Content is the most important piece in digital signage. This is what customers and employees interact with and respond to. To improve audience engagement, companies are producing more content which calls for a streamlined mechanism for managing content libraries and playlists.

Why the emphasis on playlists? Playlists build a narrative, a story meant to capture the attention of the audience and make an emotional connection. They give structure and meaning to content so a well-organized playlist translates to a well-organized customer or employee experience.

The Smart Playlists app for digital signage automates the process of building and updating playlists. By auto-populating campaigns based on content tags, the app enables intelligent scheduling across a digital signage network.

This digital signage app also allows for easy playlist management based on hierarchy. In a playlist, the first piece of content should be the statement piece, followed by content that adds to and builds the story and finally the last piece should prompt the audience to take action. Smart Playlists gives users the flexibility of determining the order in which to update playlists making it easy to continue to add to the story/narrative and make it stronger.

Digital Box Office

Going to the movies is a part of the social fabric of American life. It’s not only a social activity but a family activity as well.

Movie theaters also have high dwell times. According to Arbitron’s 2007 cinema advertising study, frequent moviegoers spend an average of 28 minutes in the theater prior to the start of previews, and infrequent ones spend 24 minutes.

In order to engage patrons and build stimulating experiences, movie theater managers need to display dynamic messages that are relevant to the audience when and where it matters most. Moviegoers have been noted to be more receptive to cinema advertising, so engagement becomes a matter of not getting the patrons to look at the displays, but making sure the content is compelling enough to inspire action.

The Digital Box Office app for digital signage empowers managers to produce engaging content. The app automatically generates and deploys animated and dynamic HD movie posters with showtimes, trailers, ratings, descriptions and pricing. These are not your traditional, unmoving movie posters. They are digitally alive, dancing with animations and glowing with vitality.

digital signage app - digital box office for movie theaters

Perhaps the most important differentiator of this digital signage app is the posters can be mixed with marketing messages for the concession stand and loyalty programs. Managers are able to promote movies alongside concession stand items, loyalty programs, advanced screenings, digital events with cast and crew panels, etc. This will increase awareness and put more money in the theater’s pockets.

Digital Docket Display

The digital dockets display app is geared towards smart courtrooms who prioritize the visitor experience. It empowers court clerks to shape the courtroom experience, which can be stressful, by reducing anxiety and creating a calm and well-organized experience.

The app deploys dynamic, real-time court dockets to digital displays at court entrances, hallways, and outside courtrooms. The dockets can include information about parties involved, the presiding judge, the location of the courtroom, case numbers, hearing times and more. The information can be tailored to specific courts, judges, and courtrooms.

digital-signage-app - digital-dockets- solution-for-courts

Automating the process of deploying the dockets allows courts to enjoy more efficient outcomes. In addition to eliminating the consumption of paper and printer supplies, this digital signage app cuts down on the time needed to manage dockets which means the staff has more time to attend to other tasks.

Easy display of the dockets also means that visitors are able to navigate the courthouse easily. When people can navigate a space confidently and are able to develop positive interactions within it, the frequent outcome is an elevated experience that’ll parlay into long-term engagement.

Flight Status

The Flight Status app allows airports and airport related businesses to display vital travel information e.g. arrivals, departures, canceled/delayed flights, flight number, gate information, and more.

Because the app displays flight information in real time, travelers stay well informed and are therefore better prepared for the implications of delays/cancellations. This improves their travel experience by allowing them to plan their travel more accurately.

This digital signage app can also create an opportunity for more revenue. Businesses are able to react in real-time to changing flight information. For example, a hotel displaying flight information in the lobby is able to extend the stay of guests within the property. Displaying delayed flights alongside a promo for the hotel restaurant will have guests going to the restaurant, a more comfortable and relaxed environment than an airport lounge. Displaying canceled flights alongside a promo for reduced room rates will have the guests staying an extra night.

Digital Flight Information Features

In addition to airports and hotels, the app adds value to airport-related businesses that include airline offices, convention centers, corporate headquarters, car and limo rental companies, ground transportation services, and parking facilities.