In order to use your digital signage to its full potential, you should designate a digital signage champion to own your system and content. Companies, both big and small, can greatly benefit from having a digital signage champion.

This person is responsible for:

  • making sure the content is relevant and fresh
  • measuring the impact of digital signage
  • managing the users of digital signage
  • staying up to date with emerging trends
  • making sure the digital signage system is current

Before assigning an individual to this role, make sure they have these 5 digital signage champion traits:

1. Skilled Multi-Tasker

The individual you assign to this position should be skilled at juggling multiple tasks at once. Along with doing their normal day-to-day activities, they should also have the company’s digital signage implementation in mind. They should also be able to meet their deadlines while completing their work with sincerity and diligence.

2. Strong Communicator

This is one of the most critical digital signage champion traits. After all, the goal of the implementation is to help the organization communicate better.

The person in this role should be able to come up with new digital signage content ideas and share those ideas with their team members. A strong communicator is a must in this role because a successful digital signage champion should be able to openly brainstorm new ideas that will continue to strengthen the company’s messaging and brand.

3. Constant Learner

Your digital signage champion should be an individual who has a knack for learning!  They should take their time to research new digital signage trends in the market, and see how they can apply those trends within your own network. This individual should be constantly curious and figure out new ways to drive your digital signage to reach their full potential.

The Full Package

Now that we’ve shared 3 traits of a strong digital signage champion, we can’t wait to share the rest! Check out our latest infographic to get a better idea of what kind of digital signage champion traits you should look for!:

digital signage champion traits

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