While digital signage can be a powerful marketing and communication tool, many companies are failing to use it to its full potential. In order for digital signage to be successful, it is imperative to have an employee or team “own” the system and content. These “owners” are known as digital signage champions.

Who Are Your Digital Signage Champions?

There are many instances where one team will purchase digital signage and then hand it off to another team to manage. The employee or team, who may already have a list of other responsibilities, may be unaware of the technology and the goals for it.

Without clear ownership from day one, digital signage efforts can get lost in the shuffle, which will result in little to no ROI/ROO.

In order to avoid this situation, let’s discuss the importance of having digital signage champions and the other roles within your company that can contribute to the success of your digital signage project.

Why You Need Digital Signage Champions

Before purchasing digital signage, companies should have buy-in from every department. This confirms that everyone will know how their role will contribute to the project and its success.

Having a clear digital signage champion eliminates job task confusion and places accountability in making sure goals are met.

Digital signage champions are responsible for:

  • Managing a team of digital signage users
  • Creating a centralized communication strategy
  • Keeping the content fresh and relevant
  • Staying up to date with the newest digital signage content apps and features
  • Measuring the performance of the digital signage network

When assigning a digital signage champion, make sure the individual will take ownership of the digital signage network and take the initiative of updating the content frequently and accurately. 

Other Digital Signage Roles

Besides the main digital signage champion/content manager, other digital signage roles that contribute to the success of your digital signage include: 

Tech Manager

  • Makes final hardware and software purchasing decisions
  • Creates troubleshooting and reporting process
  • Escalates problems and contacts vendors if necessary

Content Designers

  •  Selects relevant content to display on digital displays
  • Creates content that complements the company’s branding
  • Designs templates that can be repurposed with new content 

For more information on digital signage champions and their responsiblities, check out our guide!

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