Every creative professional has faced this challenge – you have a project that includes a complete outline of detailed steps to take to get your deliverables but you can’t find a way to get started.

For digital signage content creators, creative blocks do happen every now and then but they can be overcome.

So, how can an inventive design professional shake off the frustration of a creative plateau?

Below are 4 exercises that have proven to spark inspiration and conquer the plateau:

1. Explore your Past Successes

To start, a digital signage content creator can look at past works and projects. Focus on those that you’re especially proud of creating, have been awarded for, and those you’ve received positive feedback for.

Browsing through a portfolio of past projects can boost your self-confidence while giving you the spark for even more creative ideas.

You’ll feel inspired to start experimenting with new ways to design posters for announcements, ads, event listings, etc.,  – whether that’s using different typography, colors, graphics, adding animations, new content layouts, etc.

digital signage content creators

2. Copying and Creating

As an artistic professional, it’s typical to be inspired by the works of your peers.

Fundamentally, imitating is an essential part of how art and design evolve. This explains why design clients will often show content from competitors as examples of the deliverables they want.

If you’re having trouble creating original designs as a digital signage content creator, you can search for what others in the industry have done. In addition, you can get inspired by the designs vendors are using to showcase their solutions.

Take note of what you like about each design and what stood out to you, then combine those to create a new design for your digital signage content.

Because you’re combining ideas from different designs, your work will always be unique.

3. Try a Different Medium

Digital signage content creators are lucky to have access to a wide range of design tools to use.

For instance, if you’ve been using Canva to design posters for digital signage (in addition to presentations, social media, websites, letterheads), you can try alternatives like Adobe Photoshop or Bannersnack.

Likewise, if you’ve been using PowerPoint, start a trial of Prezi or Google Slides.

For video creation and editing, there’s an array of options available including Canva and Biteable.

4. Say No

Digital signage content creators are often tasked with creating for other mediums e.g. marketing material, internal documents, presentations, client projects and more.

Sometimes creative blocks come from having an overload of projects – you may have taken too many commitments, or you’re feeling overwhelmed with client demands. These obligations can end up making you feel paralyzed and unable to create efficiently.

When you get to this point, the solution is to learn to say no. Being able to prioritize and dictate what takes precedence will give you space to breathe and reenergize.

You also need to pencil in time to “do nothing” and just be creative – whether that’s watching YouTube videos, reading a novel or comic, listening to music, doodling, etc. The goal for this time is to be obligated to yourself only and do whatever inspires you.


Even with the best digital signage content strategy in place, you’re still likely to run into creative slowdowns every once in a while. Next time you’re feeling stuck, try the tips shared above to help rejuvenate your creativity (or at the very least keep you afloat can) and get you back to creating great digital signage content.