How can you make your digital signage content more effective? By using the correct digital signage copy.

The text in digital signage content can make or break a design. Even with the best digital signage hardware and CMS, poor digital signage text will hurt the project. Just because your content is being displayed on a digital screen doesn’t mean everyone will automatically connect and engage.

Poor digital signage copy will result in a lack of audience engagement. Sure, you may display the right images and use the right colors, but if your text cannot articulate your message, then your content may end up repelling your audience.

And if no one is reading your message, what’s the point of displaying it in the first place?

Most end users learn the basics of how to use their digital signage CMS, and stop their education there. To assist these users, we compiled a few rules-of-thumb into an infographic about the right digital signage copy that’ll improve audience engagement.

If It’s Short You Can Say It A Lot

Just like Game of Thrones, too many characters cause confusion.

Digital signage copy should be short, simple and clear. Sentences should be 3-5 words in length, totaling 22 characters or less. Basically 15% of a tweet.

Short messages are easier to digest, especially in the 3-6 seconds that you have to capture your audience’s attention. In fact, research shows that messages below 250 characters boost engagement rates to 60%. A block of text on the other hand, will desensitize your audience to your message, resulting in a disengaged viewer.

Font Style and Size

The type and size of the font you use plays a huge role in your message’s readability.

There are two primary types of font style used in design – Serif and Sans-Serif. Serif fonts e.g. Times New Roman, are ideal for printed materials. Sans serif fonts e.g. Arial, are more often found in digital applications.

Fonts in the Sans-serif family are of course ideal for digital signage. Sans-serif is typically used for emphasis, and the simple form of the fonts make them easier to read, even when they are blown up.

Size is also very important. As the distance between your screen and audience increases, the font size should increase as well. The table below shows the font size to use, with respect to the viewing distance for best readability:

digital signage copy - readability

The infographic below provides more tips on best practices for digital signage copy. Follow them and soon, you’ll be a digital signage champion.


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