Matching Digital Signage to Customer Dwell Times

Do you ever find yourself glancing at something on your television or phone for a second, only to find yourself watching a program for an hour straight?

Digital screens are captivating to the modern audience, and while sometimes it’s good to get a break from it all, these displays are capable of providing timely, relevant information that engages with audiences and helps them pass the time away. Here are a few locations that we consider “ideal” for digital signage solutions that aim to curb customer dwell times.


Lobbies are the perfect areas for digital displays. They are designed for guests to loiter around, relax and get their bearings before going on about their business.

Lobby signs act as a digital concierge for visitors, providing them with directories, information about the building and its tenants and giving directions via maps and transit information. Digital signage in a building communicates to everyone that the space is modern, tech-savvy and designed with personal comfort in mind. This makes it a powerful tool in the hands of interior designers that want to build interesting spaces in hotels and office buildings.

Waiting Rooms

With 89% of doctors now using digital messaging systems to communicate with their patients, it absolutely makes sense for hospitals and doctors offices to implement digital signage in their waiting rooms.

With waiting room signage, doctors can display things like wait times for appointments, general health tips, profiles of doctors and even general entertainment like quizzes and games to keep patients involved while they wait.

Doctors in specialized medical fields can also feature advertisements of various services they provide (e.g., an optometrist can showcase LASIK eye surgery). This is a natural setting to address patients, and it gives them something to ask about when they meet with their doctor.

customer dwell times


Banks are notorious for long lines and wait times, typically as a result of extended transaction periods or tellers explaining processes to the customer.

Digital signage, however, can exponentially speed up the wait.

Instead of relying on tellers to explain bank procedures and services, digital signs are an attractive and easy way to inform patients. For complex services like loans and mortgages, digital signs can direct customers to consultants who specialize in these areas while explaining what documents and paperwork they’ll need to get started.

For smaller, daily transactions, digital signs can show which tellers are available to meet with customers or display notices for upcoming bank holidays.

This application of digital signage isn’t strictly limited to banks either–anywhere with long lines like government offices or amusement parks,


Elevators serve exactly one purpose–to move people from one floor of a building to another. But why does that experience, even if it’s brief, have to be so drab?

Digital signs in elevators are great for shorter messages, such as short advertisements or information about the building it is located in. A digital sign by the elevator can also act as a directory for the businesses on each of the floors or provide maps of bigger spaces such as malls and resorts.

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  1. increased attendance for their training and education programs
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Read how Virginia's premier amusement park used digital signage to offer guests elevated experiences. Their recorded results include:
  1. repeat business
  2. positive guest reviews
  3. an enhanced brand image
A social services agency installed networked digital signage screens which resulted in:
  • residents being better informed
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  • increased enrollment in
    assistance services
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  • 12 meetings room signs
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  • increase participation in club activities
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  • enforce consistent branding in the campus
  • augment email for mass announcements
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