When creating content for your digital signage display, the first step is to define your target audience. If you’re a store owner ask yourself questions such as, “What types of content will be relevant to my customers? and “What age range are my customers, are there specific design elements that will appeal to them more than others?” Through keeping these questions in mind, you can begin to build a strategy on how to create an impactful and memorable digital signage display for your customers, employees, ect. Check out these digital signage design tips for creating a captivating display!


When it comes to text on your digital signage display, the quote “less is more” couldn’t be truer. Use design elements that are relevant to your company and target audience to explain deals and promotions, rather than using lengthy sentences. Customers will remember images better than lengthy chunks of text, creating a better overall experience. Along with avoiding lengthy sentences, make sure the fonts you use are easy to read. The last thing you want is for a customer to misinterpret your content!

Color Palette

It is crucial to choose a color scheme that matches your branding. One of the main goals of creating designing a digital signage display is making sure your audience can associate your digital display with your company. If you’re the owner of a pet shop and your branding includes vibrant colors and polka dots, make sure that is reflected in your digital signage display. Digital signage design tips such as this will help you to stay consistent with your branding and make sure your audience can differentiate you from competitors.

White Space

An ideal digital signage display will have a balance of both white space and design elements. White space creates a clean, easy to read display that your audience will appreciate. You can also use white space to avoid a “cluttered” looking display.

Digital Signage Design Tips

Design elements such as text, color, and white space are all important to consider when creating your digital signage display. The end goal is to create an impactful and meaning digital signage display which is possible through defining your target audience and using the correct design elements. For more digital signage design tips, check out our video “How to Design a Captivating Digital Signage Display”: