A break room is a distinct area of your workplace. This is where your employees come to relax and catch up with their colleagues. Given their leisurely setup, these places can serve as a perfect location to communicate to your staff through signage. One of the most ideal signage for such designated places is the break room signs.

In most cases, such signs come with bold lettering to make them more conspicuous for everyone to notice them at a glance. You can place them on side of the room, doorway, on the side of refrigerators and microwaves, or next to coffee makers. Some of these lunchroom signs may help remind everyone to observe social distance to wash hands and keep trash in one place.

Additionally, they can be in the form of wall signs, directional signs, kitchen signs, safety signs, and floor signs. Their main purpose is to deliver engaging, eye-catching, and relevant content to the target audience. Most significantly, they display vital information to guide, instruct, or caution your employees to make their work environment safe.

Need for Break Room Signage

Whether you hire shift workers at your warehouse or employ IT experts to work on computers throughout, rest assured that everyone deserves a break. The most likely place they will head to after working for several hours is the break room or lunch rooms.

Office Break Room - with world clocks on the wall and appliances and space to sit

This is a perfect place in your organization to draw their attention. Therefore, you will have to use well-designed digital signage to communicate with them in their rest areas. This form of communication is suitable for all workers. At the same time, they can act as guidelines to your guests or visitors.

Most break room digital signage captures your employees’ attention with their frequently changing texts and eye-popping imagery. These two features play a critical role in inspiring your workers’ imagination while keeping them updated with the right information. One example of what can be displayed on break room screens is quotes. Quotes work for most industries, and they will keep your staff motivated throughout the day. 

Furthermore, if you use the digital signage correctly your employees may look forward to new information every time they are on a break. Aside from that, break room signs can boost their morale in addition to making them feel valued. Thus you will experience an exponential increase in productivity and subsequent growth in revenue.

How to Use Your Break Room Digital Signage

Your break room provides you with endless options to communicate with your employees. But the only limitation on your side may be your creativity. That should not worry you anymore. You can use the following content ideas to make your break room signs as effective as possible:

  • Sharing or displaying an inspirational message to all employees.
  • Using the signage to recognize outstanding employees/workers for their exceptional accomplishments.
  • Commemorating a worker’s birthday through digital signage in the break room.
  • Showing your endless passion for your organization or business.
  • Letting your team members know how much you cherish them for their services.
  • Displaying the most important safety measures to be taken in case of an emergency.
  • Delivering the most crucial messages to your workers.
  • Promoting location-specific initiatives for everyone.

Features to Look for in a Break Room Signage

Most breakroom signs come with great features to make them easy to use. They are also effective and convenient to the target audience.

Employees in a Modern Break Room

Some of the top features you should look for include:

  • User Permissions – gives you the power to decide who posts content on the signage beside you.
  • Built-in Templates – to save your precious time and energy while posting memos, HR updates, special announcements, and recognition pieces among others.
  • Scheduling Options – lets you prepare and post your message at the right time. Besides, some scheduling options allow you to deliver the message in advance for optimal break room attendance.
  • Ever-changing Graphics – play a significant role in ensuring that your employee break room sign always stays updated and fresh.

In Conclusion

More often than not your staff members need to be constantly reminded about their break area rules. While there are many ways you can let them know how to carry themselves in the breakroom, you can choose digital signage to convey your message to them. A courteous piece of information on signages can make your employees know what is expected of them all the time.

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