Today’s workforce has more millennials than any other generation. They excel in tech innovative and collaborative environments where there is transparency and clear communication.

To communicate and connect with this new crop of employees, managers need to get creative and do more than send emails and post notices on bulletin boards.

One way management is innovating conversations is through digital signage.

These examples of digital signage for employee communication show how companies are leveraging the technology to inspire employees, encourage real-time collaboration, and keep them in the loop on company updates.

1. Hussey Seating

Hussey Seating, a leading manufacturer of seating solutions, had a sit down with its employees to brainstorm on ways to enhance communication and engagement. Many, especially those without access to email, said they wanted to know more about developments within the company.

Management responded by installing multiple digital signage screens within the campus. The digital signage network is powered by Mvix (read the case study here).

digital signage for employee communication

The digital signage screens share production metrics, company news, and HR and safety information. They are also used to publicly recognize outperforming employees and celebrate milestones.

Examples of Employee Communication

Such communications create a strong connection between workers and the company’s mission, which in turn improves business productivity.

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2. Enbridge

Enbridge, a Canadian energy delivery company, decided to renovate to better accommodate their staff and the way they work. They needed new spaces and technology that would enable team members to work together.

The technology refresh included digital signage video walls in the reception, executive rooms, and training centers.

Video walls are also being used in operations rooms e.g. the IT department’s 4X4 video wall gives insight into the health of Enbridge’s network and servers.

digital signage for employee communication

Enbridge reported an increase in productivity as a result of the tech refresh.

3. Habasit America

Habasit America, a manufacturer of conveyor belting solutions, used digital signage to connect virtual and reality.

They started by mounting digital signage screens next to their products, with videos on the screens showing the products in use.

Examples of Employee Communication

This acts as a virtual demo for their clients, but more importantly, it shows employees how their “work” is being used out in the field. This makes them take pride in their work and boost their energy to be more productive.

Screens in their 4 locations also display company updates, events, job openings, HR deadlines, etc.

Read the full case study here.

4. Enhancing Open Office Communications

A popular NYC media company set out to renovate their office with the goal of creating a spacious and peaceful environment where employees can fluidly connect to each other without the use of a phone system.

They outfitted dozens of their conference rooms, a cafeteria and open office spaces with communications technology that included video walls and digital signage displays.

digital signage for employee communication

The display network is being used for employee entertainment and information, corporate branding and meetings.

5. Mvix

Yes, that’s us! Being a digital signage solutions provider, we of course showcase digital signage for office communication in our corporate HQ.

Examples of Employee Communication


We use the screens to share HR information, display performance and goals, and celebrate wins. We also use digital signage displays to build excitement and anticipation for company events and enhance them.

digital signage for employee communication

6. Domtar

Domtar, a paper manufacturing facility installed digital signage solutions in their paper mill to communicate effectively and efficiently with their over 350 employees.

Specifically, they use digital signage to reinforce safety information via safety videos and training, safety monitoring, and safety tracking.

Examples of Employee Communication

The technology has proven to be an invaluable asset by increasing safety awareness and streamlining plant communications. This cut back the time spent on disseminating information and enabled managers had more time to train and develop employees.

Read the full case study here.

7. Marco

Marco, a Minnesota technology solutions provider, uses digital signage screens in the customer support center to show GPS mapping software that tracks technicians and service calls in real time.

digital signage for employee communication

For more examples of digital signage for employee communication, check out these case studies that show internal comms use cases in corporate offices, property management, manufacturing, and more.