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Digital Signage for Fire Departments

From 2015-2019, firefighters have experienced an average of 24,950 non-fatal injuries on the fireground. Furthermore, this number has increased since. Firefighters remain safe with consistent training and maintaining proper communication. If you’re responsible for a team of people who are willing to put their lives at risk for the benefit of public safety, consider how digital signage can help keep them safe and informed. After all, thorough communication can save lives.

Digital signage offers real-time data visualization, training videos, social media feeds, and more. As a result, it helps to ensure that your team has the most current information. Learn more about how digital signage for fire departments can help fire chiefs stay on top of their safety responsibilities, all while making their jobs a little easier. 

What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage consists of:

Digital signage for fire departments makes it possible to send notifications to multiple digital screens around your fire station. Everything is instantly updateable from a user-friendly web portal. It can be accessed from any desktop computer, laptop, tablet, and even smartphone. In addition, digital signage has an astounding recall rate of 83%. Your team will remember helpful information when they’re performing life-threatening duties.

Because emergencies are unpredictable, digital signage delivers flexible and low-maintenance tools to focus on saving lives. Digital signage software often upgrades itself and comes with content apps and templates to create content quickly. There are also technical support packages, implementation services, and managed services to do the work for you. With tons of resources and add-on offerings provided by digital signage companies, you’re never on your own.

What Type of Content Can I Send to my Digital Screen?

Digital sigange for fire departments can display anything that you can see on a standard computer monitor or TV screen. The main benefit of large-scale digital LED signs is that they can be seen over vast distances, which helps keep your crew informed.

You can display:

  • Web pages
  • Video
  • Welcome messages
  • Digital posters and notifications
  • Shift schedules
  • Shift change requests and updates
  • Meeting announcements
  • Social media feeds
  • Training schedules
  • YouTube playlists
  • Weather forecasts
  • Traffic news
  • Local news and fire station news
  • RSS feeds

In fact, there’s very little that digital screens can’t handle. Because digital signage technology is so versatile, your notification screen in the crew quarters could instantly become an entertainment hub. This will keep your firefighters happy and engaged during downtime. 

Content Templates

It’s incredibly easy to create content for your digital signage system. Digital signage contains numerous content sources and data integrations. This means that you can connect your HR and CMS system to your digital signage interface, allowing you to display dynamic content that auto-updates as the day progresses. Additionally, it means that any content you need to create on a daily basis can be put together from easy-to-update templates. 

Digital signage news template

Many templates are simple drag-n-drop interfaces that feel as familiar as Microsoft office applications. As a result, make professional-looking content in minutes with a range of templates that caters to your precise organizational needs. 

Unify your Communication Channels

Like all organizations, it’s likely that you operate under multiple communication channels. You probably send out emails, use your intranet, send out WhatsApp group messages, operate social media groups and channels, send out newsletters… the list goes on. The problem with multiple communication channels is that it all becomes a little convoluted. As a result, messages are diluted. 

Multiple channels become difficult for workers to navigate, making it easy to miss an important notification. In addition, you can never entirely guarantee that the messages are read and understood with email and instant messages. 

Digital signs become a central hub for updates, notifications, newsletters, local government news, law enforcement updates, and training videos. Once you have a digital signage hardware network, it becomes possible to keep everyone informed through one dynamic channel, making it simple for everyone to keep up in fast-changing work environments. In other words, reduce the platforms you use for critical notifications and keep everyone instantly updated.

Where Would you Put a Digital Sign in a Fire Department?

Digital signage for fire departments is versatile and available in a variety of sizes. You want a notifications system that is always visible without becoming a distraction, so select a size that suits the installation space. 

Installation is generally reasonably straightforward for a confident handy-person. On the other hand, ask your digital signage supplier to install your hardware if you want to make the deployment easiest as possible.

Digital signage hardware natively integrates with your emergency notifications system, so it’s possible to install screens in all of your public spaces, such as crew quarters, reception areas, breakrooms, canteens – even in fire trucks.


FireRescueTV is an interactive digital media platform that uses the type of touchscreen technology that digital signs were made for. This dedicated channel allows fire chiefs to instantly send messages across their station network while immediately integrating with your digital signage network.  

The service offers a news crawl service, as well as local weather updates and national EMS-critical information. Most importantly, the FireRescueTV platform broadcasts 24-hour video content, which includes training drills, EMS training updates, and public safety content. 

Digital signs are made for this type of interactive service, making them a vital information hub for all areas of the fire station. 

fire vehicle in front of fire station

Informed Firefighters Save Lives

There is no doubt about the positive effect digital signage can have on your fire department. The key goal of firefighters is to save lives in cases of emergencies. Deploying technology like digital signage helps keep your team safe and informed, which will keep members of the public safe. As a result, one life-saving tip displayed on digital signage could be the difference between a negative and positive outcome.

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