So, have you reviewed your building fire plans and emergency exits lately? Do you know where this information is posted?

Organizations that take advantage of digital signage for security increase the likelihood that messaging will reach the target audience. Digital displays can quickly disseminate critical information in times of crisis, In addition, they add an extra set of eyes where they are needed most. Most important, they direct the public away from danger.

Businesses provide invaluable protection to employees and consumers when some form of digital signage is in place. That’s why it’s so important to implement a digital signage solution for the safety and security infrastructure.

Digital Alerts: Faster and More Effective Than Analog

Individuals today stay safe by receiving alerts from their connected devices. Amber alerts (pushed out to phones in specified locations or automated emails) save lives. Analog alert systems still have their use, but integrating them with modern digital systems can exponentially increase their effectiveness.

Digital displays are today’s bell tower or lighthouse beacon. They save lives by providing real-time emergency information to the places and the people that need it most. Safety and security frameworks rely on digital signage systems of all shapes and sizes The interconnectivity and immediacy provided by modern-day digital displays have become invaluable around the world.

Digital Signage for Security - Social Media

Safety and Security Solutions Offered by Digital Signage

Natural disasters, active shooter situations, or any life-threatening scenario that requires masses of people to be directed to safety can be managed better when a highly visible, interconnected medium like a digital signage system is used. It’s all about the design of the safety and security message and its impact.

Spreading the Message in a Crisis

Many digital signage systems are designed to integrate with an array of complementary components and services. Cloud-based applications designed to work hand-in-hand with digital signage help spread the word across multiple channels (social media, e-mail, etc.) to ensure your message reaches the widest audience during the most critical moments of an emergency.

  • Information dissemination: In the chaos of an emergency situation, it is vital to provide clear channels of communication and simple directions to prevent people from panicking. Digital signage for security makes it possible to share this kind of information in big, bold letters and graphics with dynamic presentation capabilities for maximum impact in the heat of the moment.
  • Visual Safety Cues: Alarms or messages over an intercom are ineffective when the intended audience can’t hear or understand the message. Dramatic, easy-to-read digital display alerts help spread the message in its simplest and most digestible format. This is especially important for people who are hearing impaired. Universally-known emergency imagery or maps can also inform non-native language speakers about any dangers.

Digital Signage for Security - Evacuation Plans

  • Real-time Updates: According to a study done by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America into the effectiveness of digital signage, 70% of respondents were impressed with the immediacy of digital displays, agreeing information was often important and current. You can change your content to reflect the current status of a situation and provide quick directions.

Preparing for a Worst-Case Scenario

Digital signage networks can be a valuable resource before a crisis even begins. Modern display capabilities have far surpassed their CCTV predecessors. You can integrate today’s technology into cloud-based, comprehensive, and complex systems. This makes it easy for organizations to understand and access security and safety solutions in real-time.

  • Security Monitoring: Many displays are used to project live feeds from concerts or sports arenas, but security officials can use the same technology to view security camera footage from a remote location. This greatly expands the area that officials can monitor and protect, allowing them to respond in real-time.
  • Profiles of Security Staff: It is crucial to establish a clear chain of command structure for relaying safety information and directions to a group of people. Regularly displaying photos and profiles of security officials and emergency contacts will help people recognize and trust the individuals.

Digital Signage for Security - Display Security Personnel Info

  • Remote Content Control: Cloud-based digital signage software allows administrators to publish security updates from any device connected to the internet. If officials run a specific social media account to post all safety-related news, they can streamline communications. For more general safety guidelines, they can schedule posts to rotate on a daily basis.

Digital Signage Brings Peace of Mind

Your emergency management plans should include Finding the right digital signage system for your organization. A digital signage solution is an investment that keeps giving back. From emergency messaging and crisis management to day-to-day functions, digital signage messaging for safety and security is virtually limitless.