Uses of Digital Signage in Manufacturing

Digital signage in manufacturing is an instrumental resource for any modern plant. It fills in communication gaps that are inherent in phones, emails, two-way radios, and PA systems.

It yields great qualitative benefits that include improved safety awareness, reduced response times to production issues, and improved productivity, among others.

We’ve listed 10 popular uses of digital signage in manufacturing and the ROI manufacturing plants can enjoy for the technology:

1. KPI Reporting

For manufacturing companies involved in development initiatives such as kaizen or six sigma, digital signage can be a cornerstone for those enterprises.

KPI reporting via digital signage on the manufacturing floor increases worker productivity, enhances feelings of personal worth and responsibility in the workplace, and fosters a healthy competitive atmosphere in conjunction with a sense of shared group goals.

KPI reporting via digital signage can be achieved through the use of an analytics widget that turns the digital signage screen into a dashboard with charts, graphs and tables showing performance metrics.

Uses of Digital Signage in Manufacturing

These graphics can be quickly viewed and understood by workers without interrupting their workflow.

The KPI data displayed can be anything the owner/operator wants, including but not limited to:

  • Comparison figures from previous periods
  • Up to the minute productivity statistics
  • Data on up-time versus down-time

2. Reduction of Accidents and Injury

The very existence of a digital signage system in a manufacturing facility can help to drastically reduce the risk of accidents and injury in the workplace.

In fact, improved safety is one of the most important ROIs of digital signage in manufacturing considering that just one injury costs a plant $78,000 on average.

Workers can be informed of hazardous conditions such as gas leaks, toxic airborne particles, spills, or other concerns that could lead to accident or injury. Digital signage reinforces safety messages so well due to how easily it accomplished repetitive communications.

3. Introduce or Improve Lean Strategy

Lean strategy helps to eliminate the seven deadly wastes that were identified by Dr. Shigeo Shingo and Taiichi Ohno. The seven deadly areas of waste are:

  • Pre-production
  • Waiting
  • Unnecessary movement of materials or goods
  • Unnecessary motion of workers
  • Over processing in excess of need
  • Excess inventory
  • Product Defects

Through data integration and visualization with digital signage, employees and managers get continuous visibility of their contribution to the overall goal, and makes them hyper aware of any changes to the routine processes.

This will enable plants to improve their lean strategy by allowing managers to pace workers to avoid preproduction, eliminate down-time and identify and eliminate deficiencies.

They will also be able to analyze and streamline worker motion during the production process, maintain stock levels without over-producing and identify sources of product defects to prevent them in the future.

4. Emergency Alerts

Along with day-to-day communication to key personnel, digital signage provides an important feature for manufacturing facilities where worker safety is always a key concern.

Specific emergency alerts on a digital signage board can let plant workers know instantly what the emergency is, where it is, and what action, if any, they need to take.

Emergency Update & Alert Digital Signage

This is miles ahead of the general whistle or sirens that merely let workers know there is danger—somewhere.

With digital signage in place, orderly steps can be taken to contain the emergency, evacuate workers or do whatever else is needed to minimize damage.

5. Incentivizing

Creative managers who are seeking new ways to incentivize employees can make special use of digital signage in manufacturing.

Imagine a scenario where two departments have been lagging behind, which places the entire facility behind. A contest can be run between the two (or more) departments with currents results being displayed on a leaderboard.

A leaderboard on a digital signage screen taps into our natural drive for recognition and status, providing a fantastic incentive for employees. They’ll put in extra effort to complete their task for a chance to be first on the leaderboard.

Production will improve and employee morale will skyrocket. Employees who realize what they can accomplish when they really try are more likely to maintain that new level of performance.

6. Production Notifications

Line workers and production personnel aren’t the only ones on the floor every day. Managers, supervisors and even owners spend more time on the floor than is commonly realized.

In many manufacturing facilities, noise and WiFi interference prohibits communication with key personnel while they are on the floor, even if they do carry their cell phones or tablets.

Digital signage in manufacturing solves this communication problem.

Digital production displays can display time sensitive messages that’ll reach relevant personnel where other traditional communication mediums like phones can’t reach. This seamless mode of communication in manufacturing has proved both efficient and effective.

7. Digital Menu Boards

The plant floor isn’t the only place where digital signage earns its keep.

Digital menu boards in employee cafeterias provide the opportunity for cafeteria managers to display colorful menu dishes and nutritional information to encourage employees to make healthy food choices.

Menu boards can also be strategically placed outside the cafeteria so workers can plan their meal ahead of time.

8. Safety Training and Meetings

Managers, workplace safety experts and HR department heads appreciate the ease and functionality of digital signage for safety training and meetings in the manufacturing environment.

Content widgets and apps enable operators to show a large variety of content to enhance presentations and make them more engaging.

Manufacturing Signage

9. Company Announcements

Company announcements regarding promotions, work anniversaries, company celebrations or impromptu half-days are easily handled with digital signage for manufacturing.

Complementary to memos, SMS, phones and emails, digital signage can be prominently displayed to ensure all employees get the right message at the right time and at the right place. It ensures swift communication of announcements even when workers are not using their personal mobile devices.

10. Brand Awareness and PR

Digital signage in manufacturing needn’t be confined to the plant floor for employee eyes only. Brand awareness is powerful, even when the manufacturing facility isn’t selling directly to the public.

Manufacturing firms need community support in order to maintain a comfortable existence in any town or city. Digital signage in manufacturing can be used to communicate with visitors and show community support.

The screen can be used to show how the plant is getting rid of waste responsibly, its philanthropic efforts and how they’re benefiting the community or even a friendly cheer of congratulations for the local high school football team.

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