Digital signage in movie theaters is replacing static posters and message boards that are no longer making a great impact on moviegoers or employees.

It is a dynamic messaging solution that combines visuals with data, through dynamic content widgets, to display content in visually arresting graphics. Such content includes movie posters, ads, concession stand menu boards, ticketing info, seating info etc.

Theater managers can leverage digital signage in the following ways to get a great ROI:

1. Promote current and upcoming films

Capitalize on the time customers spend waiting for tickets, snacks or for the movie to start by promoting current and future films, and other cinema specials. Display automated movie posters, show times and ratings, and incorporate scannable QR codes so customers can download movie trailers and other information easily and quickly.

Digital signage plays an important role in putting such promos and ads in front of the customers. Between 2014 and 2015 alone, ad blocking grew by 41%, costing advertisers nearly $22 billion. Brands are recognizing such shortcomings of traditional media, prompting them to invest in newer marketing technologies like digital out-of-home signage (DOOH), a medium that reaches real people to drive significant digital engagement.

2. Leverage social media to increase customer engagement

Use social media widgets to create a digital social media wall that can be used to generate buzz around movies and events. Live feeds excite moviegoers who’ll be eager to add their own posts, tweets etc, often with geotags or #hashtags that highlight the theater.

Customers who are engaged in this manner are more valuable, delivering 3X the value to the brand than an average customer.

Social media also generates automated content. Moviegoers’ posts will fill the lobby signs with fresh content with little to no work from the manager.

3. Value-added advertising for customers

Digital signage can display different content/media at the same time, giving businesses more digital real estate to add value to messages.

Theater managers who have become digital signage champions are taking advantage of this feature to retain customer interest in advertisements.

For instance, they are displaying news headlines or weather updates alongside specials from the concession stand or upcoming movie titles. Providing such helpful or useful information creates interest in the digital displays, drawing more eyeballs to the ads.

This kind of dynamic messaging can never be achieved by inanimate static posters.